Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Not like this

Or Like This....
Like this.....

Those of you who have been following for a while know that whenI was a little girl, my parents were swingers.  As a child and even for most of my life I was horrified by the thought.  That was due to how my mother handled her extra-cirriculars with respect to me, her child.  Suffice to say she wasn't exactly conscientious of my and any emotional scarring that may occur based on her lack of discretion.  Point is, I never thought that I would go that route.  Not that I have ever been a prude, far from it, but I always was happy with the sex that I got from Darling Husband and since nothing was lacking for me, it never occurred to me to look for any variety.  

Then I started my adult website as I also mentioned in a previous blog post Identity Crisis or Entrepreneur.  At first it was great. It was me, it was Darling Husband, it was perfect.  But then it occurred to us that since we were putting it out there for public consumption that some variety would be a good idea.  And we started reaching out via the social network that we joined to find more 'like minded and non-churchy' folk.  Before we new it our social website email was exploding with people wanting to meet us and have drinks or dinner or more.  I was a little overwhelmed, but Darling Husband has been around the block a few times he kept everything in perspective and all the decisions were up to me.  Who we met, where we went, what we did.  I was waaaay out of my comfort zone but that helped.  

We met some really great couples over the internet and got invited to a 'Meet and Greet' party locally.  We decided that was the way to truly get our feet wet and meet some people face to face.  So I got all tarted up in a cute outfit and even took a 5th of Goldschlager because shots are social right?  You generally don't do shots alone soooo.... Yeah, shots are social, but I forgot my basic shot math.  Goes like this.  If you do one shot with one person and then turn around and do one with someone else, they have each had one shot and you've had two.  Do we all see where this is going?  I think we do.  I was a girl behaving badly before the night was out.  Not really as badly as all that, considering the type of event we were attending, but badly for me.  I managed to not throw up in the van on the way home which I considered a sort of minor victory but I spent the next day paying dearly for my bad behavior.  It hasn't been repeated since.  Let's not assume that I can't learn a lesson.  Especially a painful one like that. 

Anyway, jumping ahead, we did end up having some couples over and 'playing' (that seems to be the favored term by those in the lifestyle - they don't really call it swinging any more either).  It was fine.  I had a nice time.  I know it's supposed to be all amazing and earth shattering but it really wasn't.  And there were many times when it seemed to me that the other females were getting it better than I was because their men just didn't do it for me.  Can we say that I was spoiled, just a bit?  I'm thinking so.  

Major lesson learned from this experience? Not at that point and to tell you now would be to give everything away.  Think of it like a chapter story.   I'm still getting set up for the good stuff.  Hope you all enjoy. 


  1. Wow, guess that was a bit too much information for you guys. I guess I'll switch it up and find some lighter fare for your viewing and dancing pleasure.

  2. i didn't think so. i just wasn't sure how to respond. i feel like it's wrong to say 'can't wait to read more!' i thought it might come off as kind of pervy since i'm saying i can't wait to read more of your sexual exploits. but no effing way on the lighter fare!

  3. I am just late with my blog reading. I love your honesty and I am happy to read anything you put up here if you want to write it.

    I see no harm in experimentation if you both want it.

  4. I'm tempted to ask questions, but they'd seem like dumb questions, ha

  5. By all means ask away. I'm an open book. Next installment coming soon. Working on it now in fact. Probably won't post until tomorrow.

  6. I know a few couples that swinger and one guy kept letting me know he'd like me to do it too. It's just not for me or honeyman.