Tuesday, May 3, 2011

X is for X-rated

Everyone keep your shirts on (or not).  I know that after Vajazzling you just don't know what to expect from me any more.  As much as I'd like to make it so, this post is not about porn. Apologies to any porn aficionados out there.  

X-rated, huh?  What makes a movie X-rated?  Well graphic sex, obviously.  These are things that children should not see.  That makes sense.  So why is sex the only content that is banned and controlled in this manner?  I can think of plenty of R rated movies that in my opinion should be x-rated just for the violence content as well as the blood and gore factor.  Many of the slasher movie remakes they are doing, and not to name drop but most if not all of Quentin Tarantinos films really shouldn't be viewed by children any more than graphic sex. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a strong supporter of the first amendment and would no more support movie restrictions than I would book banning.  I as a parent have control over what I let my kids watch.  But don't you sometimes wonder - if the whole of society is going to hell in a handbag, might it have something to do with the violent images widely available for young consumption?  

At least with x-rated movies there is usually a happy ending.  I know when I get to the end of sex with Darling Husband I'm happy.  Aren't most people after they achieve orgasm either with a partner or alone (hence the purpose of x-rated movies) happy?  

Tell me the last time you felt 'happy' after watching a violent or bloody film.  You can walk away thinking it was a good movie, but were you happy?  Really?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

W is for Withdrawal

So clearly I'm out of month and not out of letters.  I thought about withdrawing from the challenge because clearly I blew it.  However, withdrawl indicates quitting, and I don't quit....most things.  Also withdrawal carries negative connotations (and memories) alcohol and drug wtihdrawal (super unpleasant from what I hear).

So I am going to soldier on for the next few days until I reach 'Z'.  I should have been able to get it done in a month, but I think I've mentioned a certain lack of discipline on my part.  So like a track star who gets injured in the big race, I'm going to limp across the finish line with tears in my eyes, but dammit I'm going to finish something that I start.

Guess this is a sort of half assed excuse for a post but I wanted make it known that just because I'm out of month, doesn't mean I'm out of alphabet and I won't stop until I run out of letters.  Hell, then I may make some up.  Start with the Greek alphabet or something.  you just never know with me.

Thanks for sticking with me.