Monday, August 15, 2011

Identity Crisis or Entrepreneur?

or Entrepreneur?
I'll let you all decide.  *****Disclaimer: this may well be the post where I lose a lot of my followers.  It's a risk and I'm going to take it. If you feel the need to say something negative in response, can it and remove yourself as a follower because I don't want to hear it and haven't figured out how to only post comments that I approve.  I hope to keep you all so you can all enjoy the hilarity that will most likely ensue in the days to come********

Over the weekend I was explaining to Darling Husband that I had so many different email accounts and messenger accounts, both on AIM and yahoo! that I was starting to have trouble remembering who I was being at any given time and on which computer.

It started out innocently enough.  I had one email address.  Not counting the corporate one I had for work.  But then I went to work for myself so I had to get a second email address for work.  Okay, then I got an AIM for work from home stuff.  Then I got another email for this blog to keep everything anonymous.  I thought, you know, surely I won't need more emails than that and not any more messgener id's either.  But then I took another client so created another email just for that client so none of the communications would get confused or lost with my first client.  And along with that came a separate AIM as was required by the client.  But then I stopped doing that client.  And have since gotten a third client and created an email for them for just the same reason as I did the second.  Oh, shut it, it makes sense to me.....*grin*

Then Darling Husband and I created an online account to try and meet like minded (not so very churchy) friends which required another email address and yahoo msgr id.  Then, Darling Husband finally got me to commit to starting an adult webpage of myself.  It went live on the 5th of this month and I already have 5 paying members!  That required an email all to its own, of course, so people can email me what they think.  They've all be quite complimentary which is so very surprising because I'm so not that girl.

I'm a BBW (big, beautiful woman) but really I like to think of myself as fluffy and fabulous.  Anyway, in addition to the special email I also created yet another yahoo msgr under that name so that I can chat with those who are paying members.  Really?  I have paying members to my site?  Who'dathunkit?  Any way, if this keeps up, I'm thinking of starting a new feature called fan mail Fridays where I paste in emails from people who contact me.  You'd be surprised how funny some of them are.  I will remove all names to keep it from being mean.

So when I count it up, that's 6 email accounts and 4 messenger accounts between yahoo and AIM.  Too many?  Hmmmm.....


  1. I totally get this. I have a bunch myself. When the power goes out or the internet is down, that's when you remember who you really are!! Smile. And start writing it all down because if you're like me you forget who you are when you're chatting with people! haha.

  2. i have too many emails. like 5 that i use regularly. i'm trying to phase out the yahoo one and only use it for spam-inducing shit.

  3. Why would you lose followers, again? Because you have 10 different email accounts?

  4. Nowadays many of us have multiple email addresses which is a huge pain in the butt. To keep the communication in check, I purposely don't publish an email address for my blog but instead make every attempt to respond to all reader comments. Still, I have to keep a massive list of all of the passwords I have for all of the internet accounts (blog, blog pimping, the twatter, facebook, etc). Some days it is all rather maddening.

  5. I find it ironic that I'm developing so many identities and very nearly an alter ego (LOLOLOL) with my site because I don't use my real name for that either. And I came out here to nowhere, Idaho to be authentic. Hmmmm....maybe this is the authentic me after all. Unfettered and free. *grin*

    I did fail to mentione the two other emails that I have for my couponing habit. They will fill up an inbox with shit in a heartbeat. No lie.

    Barb I love that it isn't just me. But I think I am going to have to start taking notes. It's getting confusing already remember who I've spoken to, about what, and why.

    ib- you are so understanding. For some reason I thought people would take offense to the idea that I am woking on generating a revenue stream from amateur pr0n. This is already generating much hilarity in my life and I so can't wait to share.

    Emps - OMG!! I have an excel spreadsheet that I keep and send to 3 different computers and have printed out should we have a massive computer outage or one of the computers crashes. Problem being you have to remember if you are forced to change a password on a website or email to change it on the spreadsheet. I had a program downloaded called "last pass" - touted as the last password you'll ever need to remember and I forgot it. EPIC FAIL. Hahahahaha

  6. Steph that couponing statement was for you. I failed to address you personally and I apologize!!! I do keep the original yahoo email for spam inducing shit because really the only thing I ever get there is spam. I thought about abandoning it and realized that it served a purpose like you said.

  7. did you know that you can't set up mac mail with a yahoo addy? unless you pay for yahoo premium mail??? what kind of fucking shit is that?

    it's HORSEFUCKINGSHIT is what it is. which is when i reserved every gmail name i could ever want and started moving the useful mail to those accounts. AND FORWARD THEM TO MY MAC MAIL.

  8. My goodness! I thought having 3 accounts was too much. I guess I'd best hush my mouth and slink away :-)

    As for the adult website, why that would bother any followers is beyond me. It's not like you're on here begging us all to join.

    And I would LOVE to see the funny emails, I can always use a laugh.

  9. i could lose all my followers and all of my email accounts and i still would not know who i am...

    but i would have a lot of time to drink!


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