Wednesday, April 27, 2011

T is for Trust

Okay, time again to get off my dead ass and get this blog challenge knocked out.  Today's topic is trust.  How hard it is to get it and how easy it is to lose it.  Also, my dismay at my continuing naivete with people.  Clearly I don't have good discernment when it comes to people in my life that I share confidential information with.  This isn't a new problem and I would expect to have at least learned from it by the ripe old age of 40 years. 

Darling Husband says that it is because I expect everyone to be the same as me.  I judge everyone's potential actions based on what I would do.  I have to take a moment to break my arm patting myself on the back because I am an excellent secret keeper.  I have several friends who trust me because they know that they can tell me anything and I won't judge or tell.  I know where ALL the bodies are friends and neighbors and the information is going to my grave with me.  

Today was another hard lesson in who you can trust and who you cannot.  There is someone who worked on the same account as me but was let go.  I was talking to her on the phone just bitching about stuff and she was totally sympathetic and knew, totes KNEW that it needed to stay between us.  This morning I wake up to a complete shit storm because she has emailed all of my virtual co-workers (excluding me of course) her condolences for our plight, naming me as the source where she got her information.  (As an aside, she didn't get all of her information from me).  If that weren't bad enough, one  of my virtual co-workers forwarded said email to our lead, who decided rather urgently to rip me a new asshole. 

This is all so middle school I don't think I can stand it.  However junior high it may be I did block her from my AIM and un-friended her on facebook.  Yeah, I know, petty, but I was hurt and angry.  Still toying with the idea of forwarding her original email back to her saying something like "Seriously?  What. The. Fuck?"  Long story short, I shouldn't have said anything at all to her then she wouldn't have been able to spin my words because there wouldn't have been any words for her to spin, unless she made them up, which she might have done.  Who the fuck knows? 

On the upside I do trust Darling Husband to color my hair which he did for me last night.  He's been doing it for me for so many years that I can't even count them now.  I don't remember.  It is copper penny red and beautiful.  Thank you Darling Husband.  I love you. 


  1. I have problems with trust.

    Great post though!!!!

  2. Yay for new sexy hair! And boo for office politics, even when the office is virtual. Sorry for the drama.

  3. Ugh...such a betrayal. People like that make me want to slap them...hard!!
    But here's the thing...she was let go...let her bite down on that. Cow!
    How awesome that your man colours your hair!!

  4. I am a loyal and trusting friend. And when I'm accused of not being trusted for something that I didn't do it really shatters my world and I'm afraid to get close to that person again. Anyone in my life can trust me. I can't imagine being any other way.

  5. I'd un-friend her too. She's not worthy.

  6. Trust is nothing more than a made up word anymore. The world is chalk full of oppurtunistic dip shits that would place a dagger in their own mothers back, so long as it helps their dip shitty cause.

  7. i'm with bruce. fucking turncoat bitch.

  8. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Unless your friends are really your enemies... then unfriend them!

  9. So you all need to know that I did a personal response to each of you and it was awesome and blogger ate it. Let's see if I can catch lightening in a bottle once more.

    OT - Your problems are with extending your trust whereas mine are trusting too easily?

    Lost - Yes, loving the hair, and you know, sometimes virtual office politics can be nastier than regular office politics because something I've learned from working in chat - people will type something that they would be hesitant to say to your face.

    Possum - yes she needs a tube sock filled with family size Irish Spring to the head. And I might have to have Darling Husband post a pic of the back of my hair so you can all see what a truly awesome job he did.

    Barb - you know, I've always held a secret suspiscion that they gave me the wrong mom at the hospital. You think we could be related? We're very similar.

    Bruce - amen for that. Perhaps I should have retitled the post.

    Ruth - I did, but it makes me sad. I just thought that I could help her with my friendship without getting dragged into her world of shit. Guess not. Not the first time, likely not the last. *grin*

    ib - I'm afraid that more and more I'm finding that you are accurate in your assessment and it makes me a little sad.

    Steph - you and bruce....great minds....*wink*

    Tame - I have heard that often and try to employ it but sometimes I get those lines of frienemy blurred. The whole unfriending thing makes me giggle when I type it because it seems so Jr. high. LOL

  10. Sorry to be the barer of bad news. It is not my intention to make you sad. I am here to make you smile. Smile damn it!!!!!