Sunday, April 24, 2011

S is for Spring Scene and Sake

So excited actually using one of my own pics!!  Only other time I've ever done that is for the rack pics.

It really is too bad that I'm WAaaaay past E in the alphabet because this weekend has been really nearly perfect. Earth Day celebrations and community Easter egg hunts at the local marina.   

The weather has been nearly perfect these past two days, I spent time with my family and no one got yelled  at (mostly) and no one got whiney (even me!!).  Well sort of not me.  On the up side it was warm enough that I didn't need a jacket but cool enough that I didn't sweat so my makeup didn't melt.  Yay!!!    On the downside, by the time we were done at the Earth Day celebration in the park yesterday I was tired and there was still shopping to do.  We didn't get all the shopping done and when we got home 

Darling Husband and I then spent until there was no more light left yesterday fencing off parts of the yard to keep the dog safe and so she could have somewhere outside to go without being on a leash.  Once we were finally done with all that, we were done.  We had purchased 3 bottles of sake from the liquor store on Friday while running our errands and got store bought sushi ( yeah, I know, but you do what you can) at the Fred Myer.   So we heated our sake and ate our sushi.  Good news, it was quite yummy, all of it.  Bad news, we drank all three bottles.  Wowee, wow, wow.  If you've never had a sake hangover, you really don't want one.  I've managed to get past it now (still thinking a bloody mary would make me right) and we took the kids out to the community Easter Egg hunt at the marina.  Seriously, I've never seen anything cuter in all my life.  I know any sort of major Easter egg hunt, particularly the ones where you don't have to hide and dye your own eggs, are pretty flipping neat.  But this was especially so.  The well manicured lawn, the fact that they dyed the eggs for the older kids 10+ grey and hid them among the grey and beige foliage on the hill.  And I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at that huge reservoir.    Now, I'm thinking it might be time for a little nappy.  All in all, it's been a busy weekend.  But a really, really good one.    


  1. Sounds great. Innovative idea, making the hunt fun and challenging for the older kids! And, no, I've never had sake, mostly because I saw what it did to a relative one time (he really thought he was dying the next day!) Have a nap. I'm a big fan of them myself.

  2. There's a marina in Idaho? jk....hahaha. I'm so glad you enjoyed the weekend and especially the sake and sushi. Not one of my favorites but lots of people do like sake.

  3. Sounds like a good time for sure.

    And now I want some sake. Woo! BANZAI!

  4. li - the nap was short lived. Mormon missionaries rang my bell about 20 minutes into it. *sigh*

    OT - I do love sake but not as much without sushi

    Barb - funny lady. We live on the southern tip of a really large reservoir so they have a marina. And the weekend was pretty near perfect.

    Lost - I'll toast to that. COMPAI!!