Thursday, April 28, 2011

U is for Unrequited defines 'unrequited' as an adjective meaning not returned or reciprocated (as in love).  I am about to share with you my first and so far only negative thing that I have to say about my new locale.  I love Idaho, I love my new little town and I love most of the people in it.  Starting to get the feeling they don't feel the same way 'bout me.  Can you even imagine it?  

I mean everyone is nice enough, at least on the surface, but as spring starts to set in and I break out my colorful spring wardrobe that consists of bright colors and loud floral prints, it becomes more and more obvious that I am different.  Like a wild growing flower among the sagebrush.  I love Darling Husband so much when he says things like this to me.  

He explains to me that it will take people a while to adjust because here the men tend to be particularly controlling and the women walk around with their eyes downcast.  I'm the opposite of that and some people find it threatening.  Apparently all the men want to do me and all the women want to be me.  Seriously, you've no idea how hard I'm laughing at that idea.  

The reason that I find that idea so amusing is that every woman I know (or knew previous to the move) is just like me.  Large personality, eyes up, tits out, and we speak our minds to whomever happens to be in earshot, we make decisions about our daily lives and our children and we if you don't like it fuck off already.  In Carolina, I was just another woman, timid by comparison to some of my friends.  

Apparently by Idaho standards then, we would all be lacking in the proper social graces, clueless about our appropriate 'place' in our marriages and entirely too headstrong.  I'm so fortunate that Darling Husband wouldn't have me any other way, wild and untamed (who knew? certainly not me).  He loves that I have opinions and know my own mind.  He loves that I wear makeup and apparently here have the ability to make a statement without saying a word.  I just hope that my neighbors will become my friends soon and return some of the hospitality and friendship we are trying to put out there.  

Anyway, I'll adjust.  Signed your wild growing, emotionally unhousebroken, opinionated, flower.  Maybe you should call me Audrey.  LOLOLOL


  1. Awesome job at not conforming. They will try to get you to fit into their little mold as often as they can.

    For example, I've been advised to not mow my lawn on Sundays. Sundays are no-no days for work.

  2. Watch out for villagers with pitchforks! On the bright side, you should have no end of material to blog about. I think you'll find at least one or two kindred souls (I hope more), and imagine that they'll be delighted to welcome you to the ranks.

  3. How unpleasant for you! To have your personality unrecognised and friendship unreturned is just plain ungrateful of Idaho!

  4. maybe we shouldn't come to visit. the neighbor's heads may explode >.<

    also. fuck them. be you just as hard as you can.

  5. I know what a pain dealing with closed-minded zombies like that can be. Stand firm! Don't let 'em change you. Call if you need backup.

    What's the airfare from the Caribbean to Idaho?

  6. The women are jeolous and the men are threatened.
    You are a strong awesome woman and dont you change.
    What was that movie? Stepford wives? That was what I was thinking as I read this.

  7. Lost - I try to be a non-conformist although sometimes you think you just want to fit in. As for the lawn on Sundays thing, my grandaddy advised Darling Husband of that also a long, long time ago. Sundays just aren't for work apparently in the eyes of some people.

    OT- Non-conformists UNITE! Oh wait, that's sort of a type of conformity isn't it? LOL

    li - some days it feels like pitchforks and torches. *grin*

    possum - most days it isn't so bad, but after trying to get together with some parents of friends the kids have made so they will be comfortable letting their kids spend time with ours outside of school, and them turning me down for dinner (srsly? I'm a really good cook) and say that we'll have to get together 'out' somewhere to get to know each other? I just got my feelings hurt yesterday. Apparently that type of hospitality just isn't how its done here.

    Steph - Are you kidding?? I'm counting on you guys coming to visit!!! I can't wait to see their heads explode. And PS - part of my learning to be me just as hard as I can has come from knowing you. *thank you*

    Vinny - this may be off topic but you're in the Carribbean? Color me sooooo jealous.

    Mynx - Thank you dearie!!! That's what Darling Husband was trying to get across to me yesterday. They are a bit Stepford Wife-y. It actually made me wonder how much unreported domestic abuse occurs here. Isn't that awful?