Sunday, April 17, 2011

L is for Lush and Liquor (they really do go hand in hand)

I know, I'm behind on my A-Z's (again).  I may have mentioned that I'm really not the most disciplined today I'm going to post on the letter L.  And maybe even make a second post for M.  That will depend on the level of inspiration.  

In North Carolina, sales of alcoholic beverages are strictly regulated and you and only purchase 'booze' (beer and wine you can get in most grocery stores) you have to go to the 'ABC store.  No lie.  It stands for Alcoholic Beverage Control. It's also sort of appropriate because some of the sales supposedly go to fund the k-12 schools.  Seems to me they should be sending a greater percentage to the schools because last I checked they were ranked 22nd among all states for education and South Carolina (just a few miles away) dead last.  But I digress.   

Here in Idaho, there are independent liquor stores.  So you can go into the grocery and get liquor.  In fact, we have asked the lady who does the liquor ordering to order, special, for us, 100 proof vodka by the half gallon.  A case of it, every two weeks.  Do we really anticipate we'll drink that much, probably not....maybe?  Yes, that's right,we've moved to Idaho and already are making ourselves known as the town lushes.  Eh, you know what?  I said when we moved here that I was going to be me, because me is a pretty good person and make no apologies for it.  So here's to the town drunks...*grin*

Here's my thing though, if you are going to be an independent liquor store (and you KNOW they make a ton off profit off the sales of alcohol) then perhaps you  ought not look down your self-righteous nose at those who make the purchase.  Something to think about. 


  1. yeah...what you said!


  2. Exactly what you said. Wait what did you say, I am drunk.

  3. "perhaps you ought not look down your self-righteous nose at those who make the purchase." - Duh! What's are they thinking?

  4. They're not independent, they just look that way. They're still state-run. Grocery stores serve beer & wine, but that's it.

    And yeah, if you want any GOOD stuff, they need to special order it for ya. I miss the old california layout, where there was a liquor store on almost every corner.

  5. My local liquor store employees are slowly becoming my friends. They tell me what's on sale, what comes with a free mini-bottle, when they're doing tasting, and most importantly--they never judge when I walk out with three handles of tequila.

  6. Pennsylvania is even more restrictive. Everything but beer, you have to got to a State store. For beer, you have to go to a distributor (you can only buy it by the keg or case though). If you just want a six pack or single, you have to go to a restaurant with a liquor license (which costs like 100K or more, no lie, and there are a finite number, so you have to figure in that particular snafu if you want to open a restaurant). Most close at midnight or before. So if you run out of booze after 12 or 1AM, it's find a friend, knock on a neighbor's door, or drink the vanilla extract and/or cooking sherry.