Thursday, April 14, 2011

K is for Kisses

I know that I am a sentimental sap, a hopeless romantic, all that stuff.  But there is something about a kiss......

There is something so intimate about putting your mouth on someone else's.  Having your breath so close to their breath.  Feeling their heartbeat next to your heartbeat.  I think that I could kiss the right person for hours and hours.  

But not all kisses are epic, such as the one in the pic above.  I've had lots of bad kisses in my life.  There is the 'snake tongue' kiss.  That is the one where the other person's tongue is all hard and they just keep darting it in and out of your mouth.  Seriously, who told them that was a good idea.  Completely skeeved me out and we didn't go out again.  

There is the 'stick it down your throat kiss'.  This is when you kiss someone and they shove the entire length of their tongue into your mouth until you think you might strangle on it.  Kissing is sort of a give and take in my opinion, don't force it.  Please!!!!  

There is the kiss that starts out good and then they start to suck on the end of your tongue to the point that it hurts.  It's like they are trying to put a hickey on the end of your tongue.  Maybe they do it because they like it done to them, or maybe no one has ever told them that its fucking painful.  

Oh my God....let me not leave out the sloppy kissers.  No offense, but if you are kissing someone don't drool all over their face.  Girls don't like it because it messes up our makeup (and for other self-explanitory reasons) and guys don't like it because their faces get chapped from the amount of wet in cold or windy weather.  *shudder*  It can be like kissing one of those big drooly dogs...think Hooch...

It doesn't have to be this breed.  Any type of jowl-y dog will do.  You get the idea.  

On the upside, kissing the right person can be magical.  Like spending several moments, or perhaps even many perfect sun kissed days, maybe an eternity, in this specific heavenly bliss.  You lose all track of time, place, and everything other than that one thing that you are engaged in.....that KISS. 


  1. This was a good post. But it did make me sad.

  2. kissing is a bit of a hit and miss with some people. Hate the sloppy ones

  3. OT - Glad you liked the post but why did it make you sad. Did I unknowingly take off of one of your posts again? Better go see.

    Mynx - it really is and I'm a fickle kisser. Kissing is so important to me that it has to be just right.

  4. My mother was in NY that very day where that first pic was taken. She did her fair share of kissing. She wasn't married to my Dad yet. hehe

  5. The snake tongue kiss sounds very bizarre.