Wednesday, April 13, 2011

J is for Jackasses

This started out to be a really rant-y post about how when you choose 'quality of life' and 'self employed' you get screwed over at every turn.  However, several vodkas and half a valium later I don't have the energy for rant-y.  I don't think.  

I'm treading a fine line here because I signed a master services agreement to not really tell or explain what I do in detail to the general public.  Why that is required?  No idea.  So here's the scoop.  I work for/with a company and they are the ones who make the direct deposits (twice a month, minus their service fee) based on invoices generated from the clients we service.  

I've already established that my client is a major electronics manufacturer and distributor and that I work a chat application.  I could probably get termed just for that bit of info, but that isn't going to stop me tonight.  I am pressing on. 

Not to bore anyone but you need to understand the situation and why I'm so troubled by the Jackasses that be (aka the Powers that Be).  I am responsible for a group of work at home chat agents.  I report to a PCL (Performance Compliance Lead) who works for the company that issues the direct deposits.  They are also responsible for the number of hours we are allowed to take.  Usually, when the week starts on Sunday you know what your cap is for your hours and you can ration your time and plan accordingly.  Even though that rarely matters because you end up working twice as many hours as you post and get paid for making your hourly wage roughly half of what it is 'supposed' to be.  

More and more they are micromanaging how we do our jobs.  More meetings that seem to have no purpose other than to make sure we are at our desks at a certain time every day, placing requirements on things that 'must' be done, and all within the time allotted.  Here's the rub.  Can't all be done in the time allotted.  Allow me to be super fucking way can it all get done in the time allotted.  But because I (and my co-workers who do the same as me) are dedicated we do it anyway.  FOR FREE.  Yeah, we're suckers and we know it.  

This afternoon we get an email from the PCL for our account that notifies us that we have taken another hit for hours and not just for next week. oh no!!!  They subtracted 5 hours from the week we are currently in!!!  Long and short....I'm out of time and thinking that I won't be working any more this week.  Yes, I know because I know myself that I won't be able to do that because I have a responsibility to my group (aka my peeps) but damn yo.  This working for myself thing, isn't working out so good.  Thinking I need to spread my eggs among some other baskets. 

PS - had to come back to say that overall I like not having to trudge into an office every day or even put on makeup every day for that matter.  We just have to choose how much abuse we are willing to take for that privilege.  It's all relative, I suppose.


  1. If it gets any better, and they're hiring, holla. I could use some extra green, and have over 10 years of customer service experience.

    But yeah, I feel your pain. I'd rather be a master of my own destiny than a slave to the clock. The problem is the clock's pay is usually better, and often more stable.

    Hang in there. <3

  2. That just sucks, I am sorry to hear about the reduced hours.

  3. Companies always expect more and more for the same pay. And they love you doing things for free.
    Hopefully things get better- either in your work or in the form of something better coming along.

  4. What, only half a valium? :) After being downsized and laid off twice in the past, I'm always scouting for side opportunities. I supplement with a little respite care work, a little artwork, even flea market stands in the summer. The days of just having one secure job (be it corporate or self-employed) appear to be gone for good for most of us.

  5. self unemployment is the only thing i know...i only choose jobs that give me freedom...

    freedom trumps money anyday!

  6. Lost - Look for email from me. I'll explain everything more clearly it may actually be something you'd be interested in. The Agents aren't getting screwed over, it's the QA PFs (quality assurance performance facilitators - like me) who take the screwing and smile about it. Could be something up your alley.

    OT - Reduced hours are LAME, but they keep promising more at some point in the distant future and refused to be nailed down to a specific date.

    Ruth - -there is always a better answer, I just have to find it.

    li- If I'd taken a whole valium I'd have been sound asleep and completely unable to form a coherent thought much less a blog post. I'll send you an email to in case it is something you are interested in.

  7. "However, several vodkas and half a valium later I don't have the energy for rant-y." --> I could see how that happen.

  8. Don't worry about spilling the beans because it made no sense whatsoever to me ;-)

    Yep I reckon you need a few other baskets - never good for a self-employed person to have them all in one (I was married to one for 10 years. Well we're still married but he's no longer SE, thank goodness).

    Good luck!!

  9. Bruce, I missed you when I was commenting earlier. I'm sorry!!! I couldn't go back to working in an office now for anything in the world. BTW, I kept waiting for your comment on my rack....

    Restaurant Mgr - yeah.....I know. LOL

    Juniper - I wouldn't give up being self employed for love nor money. I'll likely never get rich doing it, but.....punching a clock, dealing with office politic BS...nope. Not gonna do it. this that I bitch least I have the option of being 'unavailable' when I get good and irritated about it.

  10. Sucks that you have to go through all that. I can safely say that I am tired of the whole office scene myself. I guess there are positives & negatives to every option that you have to deal with.

  11. 'punching the clock'? ah well you've just had the wrong sort of salaried job ;-) but I guess I am particularly lucky in that respect. Likewise hubby works in forestry so neither of us have 'normal' jobs!