Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I is for Indecision

Before I dive into indecision, I have to confess that I was milking my H day for as long as possible because  unlike some bloggers, I am a shameless attention whore.  That being said, we can now move onto 'I'.  I'm pretty sure that I'm running out of grace (non-posting) days so I really have to get a move on!

I may be the most indecisive person I know.  It isn't that I am afraid of making decisions.  I'm perfectly capable of doing so.  But often times I simply prefer not to.  What I mean is if it isn't important to me, I'm content to go with the flow of whoever is directing the traffic.  For example Darling Husband says I'm taking your out for dinner, where would you like to go?  My answer 'where ever you want Love'.  Why?  Because I honestly don't care where we go, mostly, as long as we are out together.  

I tend to think this makes me easier to deal with because I'm so flexible, but he more often than not finds it really irritating.  Wow, another 'I' word....hmmmm.   He simply wants an answer rather than having to read my mind.  And it doesn't matter to him that my answer was completely honest and it really doesn't matter to me where we go eat.  He has accused me of being incapable of making a decision which as I mentioned simply isn't true.  

On the decisions that do matter to me I'm still indecisive but for an entirely different reason.  On the 'important' decisions I spend a long time thinking about the 'what ifs'.  Because I want to be absolutely sure that I'm making a proper decision.  So every scenario that I can conceive plays out.  Sometimes this takes seconds, sometimes minutes, and sometimes days.  And those around me find it equally 'i'nfuriating.  Probably this is the same reason that I've never been more successful in my work life.  I've never been able to settle on one speciality.  Because well, what if I change my mind and don't like it? 

My resume reads like a swiss army knife.  I can do all sorts of different things but at some point even a swiss army knife has to stop because after all what use is a 50 pound swiss army knife?  


  1. I have been accused on more than one occasion of being an indecisive person.

  2. Ya know some people say NOT making a decision is actually a way of making one.
    Honeyman and I have talked about moving. I am all for it. But, he always" what happens if we don't like it once we are there".
    Argh, drives me nuts. He too has to analyze every little detail before deciding -if he does decide.
    He also makes me figure out where we are going to eat out. Says it is just easier if I decide. If I don't care, we just drive around aimlessly until I finally pick a place.

  3. My hubby used to do that to me. Where do you want to go? And my response was "I spend 10 hours a day making decisions at work so I'm off duty when I'm home".

  4. I'm indecisive but only because I'm usually scared that either option could lead to doom and I'm too busy over thinking. :( ahh to be a woman. Great post.

  5. i used to be indecisive then I got an old silver dollar...now I just flip the coin and do what it lands on

  6. Indecisive? *Raises hand* Yup, that's me too. Just yesterday, for example, I had several comments I could have made on your post yesterday, but I just couldn't decide.

  7. My girl and I are both naturally indecisive. I have to be the dominant one, because if we ever wait on her, we'd be dead before we decide on where to go to lunch!