Saturday, November 6, 2010


I know that it’s early, and as much as I hate to rush the season  I am *that* girl.  I love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday.  Food, football, and family without the stress and drama that in my experience happens on Christmas over presents or whatever.   So, for me it doesn’t really get much better.  And poor Thanksgiving finds itself becoming a nominal blip on the radar screen of life.  Just something to do between Halloween and Christmas.  Of course it isn’t the retail sales driver that Halloween and Christmas are either.  But I’ll save that rant for later.  
There are certain things that take place on Thanksgivng morning that are precious to me.  I alway watch the Macy’s parade, in my pajamas, with my slippers on while eating powdered sugar donuts and drinking irish coffee.  I don’t move except to pee and refill my coffee.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  By the time Santa comes out at the end of the parade I’m warm and fuzzy and in a mood to do some creative cooking.  
Usually our meal consists of the traditional stuff.  However I think this year will be a departure from that.  Since it is just going to be me, Darling Husband and the kiddos, I’m thinking of preparing everyones favorite something to eat and ditching the whole traditional meal thing.  Of course, that will probably mean that our Thanksgiving meal looks like this : cheese pizza, Kraft Shells and Cheese, steak and orange potatoes (that’s what the 10 year old calls sweet potatoes), and maybe a fondue type boil of seafood, chicken and steak for myself and darling husband. Yes, I know the menu sounds schitzophrenic, but I figure if it is just us, then everyone might as well have what they want and to hell with the ‘traditional’ meal.  
Also, I have been resisting blogging about this because it seems a bit trite even to me.  Some of you have no doubt seen your friends doing the ABC’s of thankfulness this month on Facebook.  I try to practice thankfulness in life daily, however, in spite of myself I find that I want to list the things that I am thankful for on my blog this month.  No guarantees that it will be daily but I’ll try to keep up.  As it is, I’m already 6 days behind.  
ABC’s of Thankfulness - 
A - Abundance.  I am thankful for abundance.  Because even though we may not always have everything that we ‘prefer’ we live in an abundant society.  If you have $15 in your pocket or bank account you are better off than 92% of the world.  
B - Blogs.  That’s right, I’m thankful for blogs.  Mine and all of yours.  I love reading the blogs that I’ve already found and can’t wait to find more.  They are thought provoking, hilarious and unfailingly ‘real’.  
C - Children.  Please understand that I am not necessarily thankful for everyone’s children but I am crazy about my own.  I am thankful for their smiles, warm hugs, and ability to make me laugh.  
D - Dryer.  That’s right.  As silly as that may sound, I am immensely thankful for my clothes dryer.  As many loads of laundry as gets done by a family of 5 every week.  If I didn’t have a good dryer, I don’t know what we’d do.  
E - Electricity.  I not only live in my house but work from home also.  So my electricity enables my lifestyle.  It heats my home, cooks my food, and runs the aforementioned dryer that I am thankful for.  
F - Friends.  I am thankful for the friends that I see every day, the friends that I don’t get to see very often and the friends that I may never see face to face that I’ve made online.  
I think that catches me up through today.  

What are you thankful for?


  1. Warm greetings,
    Just wanted to take this early opportunity to wish you a peaceful and positive Thanksgiving. Although, presently living in England, I sent wishes of goodwill, to my friends and family in Canada, whose Thanksgiving Day was back on October 11th.
    I am thankful to have dropped by and read your wonderfully descriptive posting about your precious Thanksgiving moments.
    With peace and respect, Gary :-)

  2. i'm having a good day today, so i'm thankful for the few friends and family members i have that really and truly make a difference in my life. and as annoying as they are, i'm thankful for my cats because there are times when i hate everything - and they can always make it better.

    omg i'm also thankful for cruzan guava rum. if you have not had this, it is a necessity because it tastes like candy.

  3. I have to agree I love Thanksgiving! Christmas is too commercialized and I'm not at all a Halloween fan! I am Thankful for my boys love, my family's support, my health, and my job. I am always excited about Thanksgiving it's a holiday where everyone gets together and loves one another without expecting gifts. Traditions start with you and you can set your own traditions, so I say "do what you and your family love". That is what counts!

  4. Your Thanksgiving fun food sounds like my family Christmas. We'd all wake, put on our new PJ's, sit in front of the television watching a few christmas movies, make our favorite meals and end the evening with a board game.

    I love the Macy's parade and I'm already having a bad case of Holiday Fever! Ready for the fun and family! This year I get to see my sister and my niece (for the first time) I'm so excited!

    I'm a new follower found you over at The Blogger Formerly Known as... and I'm thankful because your blog rocks! Happy 30 followers!

  5. Thanks for the blog love! It makes my day to discover new readers and their blogs.

    Your post on gratitude is lovely. I too am grateful for my wonderful friends and family. The blogosphere has also brought great joy and connections with many amazing people. And like you mentioned, it is the simple things like electricty and clothes dryers that we often take for granted. Always give thanks because there are many people who aren't blessed with such things.

    Big hugs!!

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