Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cupcake Award!!!

Happy 101 Award!!!  
Thanks so much to Lettucehead for this wonderful award!  I love Lettucehead because she blogs about things that matter.  She is thoughtful and insightful and I can never wait to see what is next.  And there really are very few things better than cupcakes!

Now I get the pleasure of passing it on to 4 others as I understand the rules.

First I bestow the wonderful cupcake on Steph at It's never too late to save a hopeless case because her blogs are sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but all the time real.

Also, the Enigmatic Masked Blogger just because I thoroughly enjoy her posts. She has a kind spirit and that should always be rewarded by something just as sweet.

This brings me to Simple Dude over at Simple Dude, Complex World.  He deserves the cupcakes just because, its so sweet and frilly and he is anything but.  I think he'll appreciate the irony.

Finally, Amber, over at Amber LaShell Rants needs some sweet bloggy love to get her through those long nights working on her novel.


  1. This is awesome! I am kind of an award hog, and have a tendency to think I deserve them even before getting them. But that's just who I am. However I have never seen THIS award before - and while you're right... me and frilly haven't even been in the same room - well, not for very long anyway. But I do love irony and love this award!



  2. Congratulations to you, Semi True Torystellar! An award, well-deserved.

    Oh look, and to me too :)

    Thank you very much indeed.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  3. Congrats to everybody. What a cool award

  4. thanks doll! like the dude up there, i too am becoming a bit of a greedy, grubby-fingered award hog. i'm thinking of printing them out and using them as wallpaper inside my closet, so i can go in there every once in a while and remember that you guys like me, you really like me!

  5. Wow! I love getting a cupcake that won't make my hips grow! Yippeee I love getting awards!

  6. Congrats to you and everyone else who has received an award! Some of your recipients are among my faves; the others I will have to check out. :)