Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Honesty is the best!

Thank you to Lettuce Head !

Thanks so much to Lettuce Head for giving me this award.  If you haven't please stop by her blog.  She's cool and honest, and thoughful and fun.

I love this award because I put off blogging for so long because I didn't believe that anyone was interested in what I had to say or the straightforwardness with which I dig through the remnants of who I used to be.  

I believe there are some rules attached to this award.  I am supposed to list 10 honest things about me.  So, in no particular order are some random facts: 

1) I love Jimmy Buffett music.  It makes me happy. 

2) While I do appreciate a clean house, I don't care for cleaning.  At all. Still searching for a house cleaning fairy - if you know one point him or her in my direction.  

3) I am 39 years old and still get carded at the liquor store. 

4) I like to think that I am funny but most of the time when I think I'm being witty people just don't get it.   So maybe I'm really not funny, just deluded.  I can live with that.  

5) I really like fantasy and science fiction.  Doesn't matter to me what medium it comes in either.  I don't discriminate, I am happy to read it or watch it.  

6) I love the theater.  I haven't been in a show since High School but I still miss being on stage. 

7) I rarely wear make up or nice clothes now that I work from home because, well, why?  

8) At my age I am surprised to find that I still have a healthy sex (over)drive and my husband keeps up quite nicely.  

9) I adore my children but I don't love or even like all children.  At least with mine I know that I correct behaviors that I find irritating and offensive.  With other people's kids, not so much.  

10) And finally, I drive too fast.  I don't mean to, it's just that the car likes to go, go, go.  

Now, I'm presenting this award to some other worthy bloggers that I am hoping to learn more about.  The recipients are, in no particular order.....

Mrs. Hyde from A Bitch Called Mom
Mynx over at Dribble
StephGas and her blog It's never too late to save a hopeless case
Simple Dude from Simple Dude in a Complex World just because I know what an award hog he is and maybe if I keep giving him awards he'll follow my blog too.
And finally to SSW at The Anonymous Perils of a Single Southern Woman

Enjoy!  I can't wait to see what you all have to say for yourselves as you pass it along.

Oh, and I nearly forgot my ABC's of thankfulness.

G- God (I could have saved this for U too - Universe).  I am thankful because I believe that there is a sentient omnipotent life force who cares about me.

H - Husband & Humor.  I'm immensely thankful for a wonderful husband who not only tolerates the crazy when it shows up but empowers it.  Which leads to my being thankful that we have humor in our lives.  There are few things I like better than laughter.

I - That's a tough one.  Am I more thankful for insight or ice cream?  I think I'm more thankful for ice cream (current fav is Bryers waffle cone overload) because ice cream is sweet and satisfying.  Insight, while useful often shows you things you'd rather not see.

J - Joy. This is not to be confused with happiness because happiness is based often upon our circumstances.  I'm talking about the joy that is a wellspring of life deep inside that keeps your head above water even on the worst days.

Okay, I think I'm caught up through today again.


  1. WOW I'm completely honored! Thank you! I enjoy your blog greatly, I love honesty and that's why my blog is anonymous although I do know one of my followers personally I feel honored that anyone would be entertained by by life! Just know everything I say and do is honest even if it's not right!

  2. gah, i'm blushing. thanks for the award doll! now i'll have to come up with ten honest things about me that i haven't already blathered about on the internet.

    ALSO. i like your thanksgiving listy thing. i'm just a spiteful, hate-filled bitch. plus if i did it, it would have to be hysterical and not honest. because, obviously.

    hmm... that's an idea.

  3. You sucked me in... i'm a follower! I like the 10 honest things deal - more interesting then most blog awards.

    Thanks much - you rock!


  4. I'm one of you newest followers and I'm glad I'm along for the ride - even if you are going kinda fast there.

  5. It still amazes me that people are interested in what I have to say. It absolutely blows my mind that anyone would award me for it. Thank you so much! I am deeply touched. I will proudly display it with my other three.

  6. Many congratulations on receiving this award from 'Lettuce Head'. I shall duly check out your fine recipients.
    Now then, I have a beautiful 'fairy princess' who lives in my garden. She is happily married to a garden gnome and now has a baby. However, maybe I can convince her to fly over and keep your house nice and tidy:-)
    Congrats again and have a very peaceful day.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  7. SSW, you are welcome and you deserve it. I too am like you. I couldn't possibly be this honest about myself and my thoughts if my name were actually on the blog.

    Steph, you know I just love you!

    Simple Dude, it's about time you got on the Torystellar train....

    Vinny, I don't mean for it to go too fast. Enjoy the ride though. It always gives me a thrill when I see that I have a new follower.

    Thank you JumbleMash!!!

    Mrs. Hyde, who could NOT be interested in what you have to say. You are hilarious and I find that I relate to what you have to say. I should follow your balanced and enlightened blog too. I'll head over that way and give it a peek.

  8. Klahanie, I completely missed your comment until now. You must have been leaving a comment while I was composing my last one.

    I just want to tell you that you are always so calm and kind and generous. Are you really that way in life? If so, how can you stay so Zen?

  9. Hi there,
    Thank you for such a nice response in regards to my comment.
    I do endeavour to be the same in'3D reality'. Ironically, I am a virtual recluse, but whenever I do go out, folks really have a good laugh with me.
    I have had to stay calm. Being a single dad has been a great responsibility and I have done my utmost to be a calm and loving dad and create a safe, positive environment for my son.
    Also, despite a lot of overwhelming negative trauma in my life; I do try to live life with realistic positive anticipation rather than negative speculation. It seems to work.
    Have a peaceful evening.
    Warm wishes and respect, Gary:-)

  10. Hi Semi...Congrats on your award. You gave it to Mynxx and she was kind enough to grace me with it. So I will be perusing around your sight which looks like a lot of fun. Hope to see you in mine as well.

  11. I like your ABC of thankfullness!

    You still get carded? I hope I look so young and fresh when I'm 39.

  12. I didn't know we had to do that (the 10-honest list!) lol

  13. Lettuce Head, I peeked back at your benefactor's post about it. No worries. You can do it post award. I want to see your 10 things too.

    Melissa, thank you. I resisted listing the ABC's of thankfulness because it seemed trite, even to me. I'm glad you are enjoying them. As for getting carded, I think it is because my skin sometimes still thinks it belongs to a teenager and I break out. If only it were because I was young and fresh. LOL

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