Friday, November 19, 2010

Really? It Can't Wait One More Week?

I may have mentioned in my earlier Thanksgiving post that I would likely have a rant about how my favorite holiday is getting squeezed out by high retail driving holidays Halloween and Christmas.  I actually thought I was going to make it all the way through the Thanksgiving holiday this year without a rant.  I was sooooo close.  But then it happened.  
I was in bed this morning all a’snooze when my alarm clock went off.  I hate to wake to a buzz or beeping so I set my alarm go turn the radio on.  What is the first thing that I hear this morning?  The Little Drummer Boy.  I went from zero to craptastic in 2.3 seconds.  It started of low and then started to grow...(shamelessly stolen from Dr. Suess) “no, No, NO, NO, NO!” I wailed,  as I swung my palm around, batting at my alarm clock wildly, trying to make the Christmas music stop.  
Please do understand that I have nothing against Christmas music, in its proper time and place.  I don’t want to hear it in March, I don’t want to hear it in July and I certainly don’t want to hear it warbling out of my alarm clock the week before Thanksgiving.  Seriously, people, you only have to wait one more week.  Would it have been that hard?  Yes, I know that Christmas is a retail driver....BUT and that’s a big but, could the program directors at the radio stations not at least have the decency to wait and allow us the opportunity, as a culture, to give thanks for our many blessings that will allow us to go forth into our favorite retailers starting next Friday spending money and running up our personal debt with the abandon of a junkie in a DEA evidence locker. 
*Deep breath* Rant over.  My solution to being bombarded with Christmas music before I am ready?  Pandora and iTunes radio.  As well as my iTunes library.  All the music I like, all the time.  I’ll start listening to some Christmas music about mid-December because that is all the tolerance I have for it.  
Okay, so I’m also late on my ABC’s of thankfulness.  So let’s get caught up.  Last time was Nov. 15 and we got through O.
P - Play time.  I am thankful that in my life I can make time for playing.  I play with my kids, I play on my computer, I play with Darling Husband.  I was going to tell you to get your minds out of the gutters, but we do that too.  *blush*
Q - Quiche.  I love quiche.  It’s eggs and cheese and other really yummy stuff in a pie shell?  Does it get any better?  I think not.  I may have to make one this weekend. 
R - Roof.  I am so thankful to have a roof over my head, epecially when I know that so many don’t.  This goes sort of hand in hand with my next one. 
S - Safety.  I and extremely thankful that because we have a roof over our heads I don’t have to worry about my children’s safety at night because I know they are all snuggled safely in their beds. 
How do you feel about Christmas music pre-Thanksgiving?


  1. Can't stand it. I'm the same, I have about three christmas CD's that start getting played maybe 2-3 weeks before Christmas. This year there was a grassroots thing going around about not pushing Christmas stuff before Remembrance (Veterans) day. But yeah, the retailers usually start right after Halloween.

    I swear, if people can start putting up Christmas deco's up at the beginning of November, I'm going to start putting my Halloween decos up and playing Thriller on Labour Day weekend.

  2. I agree. It feels to me that as soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas season begins.

  3. Bless your heart for writing this post. I had to go out into the shopping world yesterday to get a birthday present for my Granddaughter for next week and the stores were decorated, trees lit and christmas songs on the musak. I wanted to freakin' scream. One more week is so right. Is that too much to ask?

  4. @ Yandie - I totally think you should do that! Halloween at Labor Day!!!

    @ Jumblemash - It really is. I think Tim Burton hit it on the head with the Nightmare before Christmas.

    @Bouncin' Barb - I don't think it's too much to ask. But then I am on a one woman crusade to save my favorite holiday.

    I'm so glad that I'm not the only person who gets annoyed by the rushing of the Christmas season.

  5. i throw myself wholeheartedly into the ridiculousness of holiday cheer the day after thanksgiving. i never used to do it; i didn't like christmas music. i don't even celebrate 'christmas' as anything more than an american family holiday. but something changed somewhere along the line, and now we watch my favorite christmas movie late thanksgiving night and i can be found listening to christmas music from black friday on.

  6. No Thanksgiving here in the UK, but I would certainly be ranting if I heard Christmas music on the radio before December!!!

  7. We don't listen to Christmas music until we're driving home from Thanksgiving dinner. It's kind of a tradition. I love Christmas music, but in its own time.

    And there were Christmas decorations in the stores at Halloween! Ridiculous.

  8. I don't mind it so much. I see this time of year as the 'holiday season', so I love it all. Give me a big ol' slice of sweet potato pie and a rousing rendition of O Come All Ye Faithful, and I'm in heaven.

  9. Christmas is a great holiday and so is Thanksgiving, as is Halloween. I think they should all be celebrated within their rightful boundaries! Retailers and holiday zealots need to be considerate and not monopolize on other holidays! ;)

  10. I can't stand when Christmas stuff pops up early. I refuse to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas, don't get me wrong, but it's overkill! I love Thanksgiving and think I may steal your ABC's of Thanks for my blog! :-) What a wonderful idea.
    Great post.

  11. Such a great post. I also have a hard time with Christmas starting in mid October, I've got a rant on my blog too. And it's funny that you choose mid December, in my house, it's a strict rule that no Christmas music is allowed around me until after my birthday (December 15th). Anyway, nice to meet a kindred spirit in the midst of this giant internet.

  12. So this is kind of a weird comment to say the least... but I see you comment here and there on the same blogs as me and well I just wanted to say that I thought your comments were very kind, very sweet and very thoughtful to each of the bloggers... and I thought you should know!


  13. Looks like everyone knows now what a sweet lady you are ;)

    I like this post. I can't stand early Christmas music either because when it finally becomes Christmas I can't stand to hear another jingle.

  14. Thanks to everyone. It makes me feel so much better (and non-grinchy) that I am not the only one who wants to keep Christmas where it belongs. Firmly situated near the end of December.

    I'm not a grinch and I do love Christmas (mostly - but that's a whole 'nother blog) I just feel like everything in its season. You know?

  15. I'm not much of a holiday person. I do have a bit of a soft spot for Christmas music in the right Christmas Eve. It's a very small soft spot.

    At the restaurant I work at they play the most godawful holiday music in the world.

    My (least) favorite? A song that screeches White Christmas over and over and over...again. Seriously, I don't think there are any other lyrics in that song.