Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Powder, Props, and Prayers

I see of a lot of bloggers posting about Thanksgiving and their memories of Thanksgiving plans.  I’ve been doing so for pretty much the whole month so far.  I’ve mentioned what Thanksgiving present will be and reminisced about cooking my first turkey.  My childhood thanksgivings were different, I think, from most people’s.  
Leave it to my mom to turn Thanksgiving Day into a cocktail party.  Seriously.  She would invite 20 or so of their closest friends who they didn’t really know very well over and everyone would get wrecked.  My dad (husband #3 who adopted me) would bake pecan pies and mom would have turkey and other stuff catered.  One year she even paid to have a bartender work her Thanksgiving Day shindig.  
Anyway, so Thanksgiving for me was never the whole gathered around the family sort of thing that you see on tv and what most people do.  It was plenty entertaining though.  Funny, I was always much more entertained by other people’s behavior when drunk than my mother’s.  I always just stayed hidden and watched the goings on.  
Have I mentioned that I grew up in the 70s?  Surely I did.  Looking back I’m prone to thinking that the 70s were just practice for all the excesses of the 80s.  And it was at one of these Thanksgiving blow outs where I had my first encounter with an illegal substance.  One of mother’s guests had wandered into ‘my’ bathroom (it was the one nearest my bedroom) because they were in need of some privacy.  The rest of this will be told from my perspective as a 7 year old.  So I see them stumble in there (I was hiding and spying, remember) and then someone called their name.  So they stumbled back to the party leaving a sizable pile of white powder on the vanity.  It was nearly the size of one of the decorative soaps shaped like a rose.  I thought it was incredibly rude for them to make such a mess and knowing how mother was about messes I brushed it off into my hand and flushed it away.  I washed my hands when it was done and went back to my room.  The person did come back and made a bit of commotion about losing their coke.  I knew what Coke was and I was sure that I hadn’t seen any of that so I paid no more attention.  When I think about it now, I’m extremely thankful no one thought to come looking for me because I might not have made it out of that one alive.  I figure that was a LOT of cocaine to have flushed away.  Ooops!!!  In all honesty, at 7, I had no idea.

Okay, moving onto the Props!!!  I have the most awesome book tote.  Sent to me by Steph at it's never too late to save a hopeless case.  It is beautiful n’est pas?  She makes these and so many other things by hand.  You’ve got to check out her website - http://www.rule42custom.com

One last thing and I will get caught up with my ABC’s.  If you pray or offer up entreaties to the Universe or any other higher power, I would ask that you hold Steph from its never too late to save a hopeless case and her family close in your hearts and send up prayers for peace and healing.  I’m not going to get into what is going on because that is her business to share or not.  But prayers are always welcome.  The higher power, however you acknowledge it, is all knowing and all powerful and is well aware of the details that we don’t have.  

ABC’s where did I leave off?  
T - Trust.  I’m thankful that I have the trust of those around me and that I can trust not only those closest to me but God as well.  
U - Uniqueness.  I am thankful that we are all not the same.  It is not only how we are similar but our differences that help us complete the lives of others.  
V- Vodka. I have been waiting all month for this one.  I knew that I was thankful for this before I even started listing them.  
W - Widsom and Wishful thinking.  I know, I’m cheating but its a toss up for me because they sort of go hand in hand.  Having wisdom is important but it is also important to be able to suspend disbelief and engage in some wishful thinking.  


  1. Great story. I can't even imagine how much $$ that coke cost. But how stupid to leave it out in a strange bathroom. How come I couldn't be that lucky back then when I did 'powder' my nose a lot? Now that would have been a birthday and christmas present rolled up in one! lol.

  2. OMG, as I was reading this I was really hoping that you didn't end up bing affected by it. That is the Mum in me I guess.

  3. @ Barb, when I think about it there have times that I would have given my eye teeth to have that much blow when I was in my 20s.

    @oilfield - Thanks, glad you liked it.

    @ Mynx - I was actually a surprisingly sensible and self winding child. When they were going on about losing their coke I was certain that I'd not seen any of that liquid, sweet, carbonated, awesomeness and no one was looking for me so I didn't volunteer my thoughts on the matter. Children were to be neither seen nor heard in my house. LOL

  4. I think it's hilarious that their coke was flushed by a seven year old. Why in hell would you leave a pile of that in a stranger's bathroom?

    Honestly, your parents are lucky that that is all that happened in your finding it.


  5. Funny story, STT. I would have done the same thing because my mom would have a fit if there was a mess. Prayers and positive thoughts to steph.

    I'm thankful for vodka, too.