Thursday, August 4, 2011


That's right, I'm bored.  As many times as I have scolded my children this summer not for saying they were bored but for acting like it.....I'm ashamed to admit it, but I am not simply bored in the sense that I've got nothing going on, I'm still working and all the usual stuff is still going on but I am in full on ennui (I do love that word!).  

It's like nothing excites me right now.  Which flat out sucks.  And I know that my blog is supposed to be entertaining you, but dammit I need someone to entertain me!  Maybe its just the summer thing and I've grown weary of having the children underfoot and on each other's nerves all the time.  

Things that I do when I'm bored: roll around naked in the grass in the back yard, read other blogs and wish that I had some witty retort or comment to add, stare at Darling Husband because I want him to do something to entertain me, troll youtube for amusing videos to break the monotony.  

I think drugs might help make things more amusing..... here is a video of how different drugs affect spiders and their web making for your enjoyment.   

Yes, I know this isn't anything new but I'm lacking inspiration.  So enjoy and please someone come to entertain me!!!!  Or send drugs.  Or send me a guest post.  Or nearly anything!   


  1. *i've* never seen that. i totes thought it was for real at first.

    it wasn't. but it was still funny. i think my fave may be the teensy restraining order on a thread of spider silk.

  2. I wish I was bored. I don't have time to be bored. Too much stuff to do and don't have time to think about anything.