Tuesday, April 19, 2011

O is for Octopuses

Blue-ringed octopus

That's octopuses, not octopii thankyouverymuch.  My youngest, my aspie boy, has a thing for octopuses.  And it's pretty amazing really.

He can tell you how many species of octopus there are.  289 if you are interested.  He can tell you how many hearts they have.  3 if you care to know. And how many mouths?  They have a single mouth with a hard beak. They have no internal or external skeleton which makes them vulnerable to all predators.  They expel ink to confuse potential threatsHe can even tell you the color variations...there are as many as there are the habitations in which they live. All of this I've learned from him and verified online. 

I apologize for this being such a short post, but really when I think O's all I can think is octopuses.  Well, and orgasms and that's a whole 'nother thing.  That really doesn't belong on the same post as my youngest son's favorite thing.

I'm sure you all appreciate the distinction that I am making here. 

Love to you all, see you tomorrow.


  1. I didn't know any of that. The ink part I knew, but that's all.

  2. And the blue Ringed Octopus is one of Australia's deadliest animals. A bite from one is usually fatal.

    I see you have discovered how smart Aspie kids can get. Once they are fixated on one subject they take in so much information about it. For my son it was space (could tell the teacher a thing or two)lol..
    They have amaising memories.

  3. Kids just love taking one subject and learning everything there is to know. For a bit there we knew everything about dinosaurs, then harry potter and star wars lego.

  4. Good post. I didn't know that they have 3 hearts.

    And I always thought "O" was for Oilfield Trash. :(

  5. When he gets old enough, orgasms will turn into his favorite thing!

  6. Gr8 comments, but I'm partial to Lost In Idaho's

  7. It might have been a short post, but I know quite a few things I didn't before I read it.

  8. You made me laugh - as a parent I can appreciate your discretion - tough call though; octopuses or orgasms - oh, well, we'll just have to use our underworked imaginations, won't we.

    Loved this post - and tell your son I learned something about these fascinating sea creatures.

    Cheers, Jenny