Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for "Ass Burgers"

Before I back my ears and dive into today's post, I have a confession.  I've been withholding posts.  Saving them because of the April A-Z blogging challenge.  I figured I should stockpile some of them because I've never blogged every day before.  In fact, was pretty sure that I couldn't come up with something interesting every day for a week, much less 6 days a week for 4 weeks.  

My youngest child, T, is 6.  And we've known for a while that he was 'different' from his older brother and sister.  For some reason when we lived in Carolina no one wanted to be upfront and tell us what exactly it was, even though we asked point blank on many occasions starting when he was 3.  Now that we are in Idaho within two weeks of being in his new Kindergarten class his teacher asked if they could re-evaluate him for is IEP (individual education plan) for next year to determine what services he can get.    Wanting the best for him always and in all ways we consented.  They have been very forthright and suggested to us something that we've long suspected about our little T.  He has Aspergers Syndrome which is a type of high-functioning Autism.  

Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic's page about Asperger's Syndrome if you are interested.  In my recent research I've found its one of my favorite pages for explaining it in 'lay terms'.  

There is no need to feel bad for me or wonder if I'm okay with it.  That 'label' doesn't change him one iota.  He is still the perfect, amazing wonderful boy that he was before his uniqueness had a name.  Now I can research it and develop the parenting skills necessary to help him feel safe and secure and be happy and successful.  He is amazingly good on the computer and with math, like way above his grade level, but he isn't particularly social and likes to wear shirts without collars and elastic waist pants.  I have a theory that on some level we all have little trade offs in our personalities to one degree or another.  

I go through all this to tell you that we were discussing with his older sister J (who will be 11 next month).  The conversation went like this...

Mom&Dad:  We all know that your little brother T is 'different'.  Right?
J: Right....
M&D:  Well, that 'difference' has a name.  
J: Okay....
M&D: It's called Aspbergers. 
*J nearly falls off the bed laughing*     
All she heard was 'Ass Burgers'.   


  1. The son of one of my best friends' has Aspergers and although he has some behavioural issues (mainly linked to the lack of social cues) he's a very sweet and funny little boy.

    In other news.. "Ass Burgers." Classic.

  2. Leave it to a kid to put a funny spin on it for us. :) Gotta love 'em! I had never heard of it until that show Parenthood presented it. At least I'm glad they've identified it so you know what to do now to help him be successful. Much love to all of you, and good luck with the April challenge you holdin'-out-woman, you!

  3. My friend is a TSS. Gotta share that.

  4. Friends of our family have a 14 year old son with Aspergers and your short description describes him to a tee,

    They are wonderful with him. I would say that their strongest trait though is "patience".

    I know you will do fine.

  5. i knew i liked t. now i feel like i have to do this a-z crap. damn it. at least your 'v' entry will be no surprise - vodka, i'm sure.

  6. Ass burgers- I could totally see my 14 year old doing the same thing.

  7. Yandie, my T doesn't have a lot of behavioral issues. He is getting better with them. And he is sweet and funny too. When he's in a good mood he's downright hilarious.

    Krissy, I just figure knowledge is power. There is so much that we don't understand still about Autsim and Aspergers. And I hope that I'll be able to come up with something good for every day and every letter.

    li- share away, doll.

    Core Contrarian - when I was researching he was hitting on about 70-80% of the markers. When he's 'on' he's on the rest of the time...not so much.

    Steph - now you've gone and spoiled it for everyone. I'm going to have to find another word for V. Damn....*grin*

    Ruth - Funny right? LOLOLOLOL

  8. my 8 yr old daughter is an aspie too. it's kind of nice once you figure it out so that you can learn as much as possible & start adapting parenting stategies that will make all of your lives better. and like i like to tell people, don't feel sorry because she's perfect. without her quirks she wouldn't be the amazing person who she is.

  9. Children can be challenging with or without labels. Wonderful that you have a supportive school rather than one that just tries to ignore.
    "Ass burgers" is more common than we think.

  10. My ex gf's son has it. So I know what you are going through.

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  12. My son is 10 and he has Aspergers to. It was a big relief when he was finally diagnosed, especially for him, as he could now put a name to the way he was feeling.
    It is a new learning experience for us as the parents. But like you know, our boys are very special little guys, and we would do anything to help them along. He has an awesome pediatrician and we home-school him, which he is excelling at. Like yours, he is very good at maths.

    If you have any questions that your excellent web sites can't answer feel free to ask me, I'd be only too happy to help. :)

  13. Sherilynn - I'm finding it more and more interesting that a lot of people I know either have and Aspie child or know someone who does. I'm so hapyp that I brought this up. It's nice, the idea that there are others that I can discuss with and share stories and strategies.

    Mynx-y you are so right. My other two are considered to be 'neuro-typical' and I find them more challenging than T a lot of the time. LOL. I think it is more common than we realize and we as a society are just beginning to understand it a little bit. I remember being a young girl and knowing other kids who had these 'odd' little behaviors and they were not understood so they were shunned.

    OT - I just love you. Have I mentioned that lately? You're like an ogre...or an onion....layers you know. I love when you peel them back a bit.

    Alittlesprite, I had no idea. I would love to network with you and others who deal with Apie kids in their lives so we can compare and commiserate and have a huge laugh at the really hilarious things they come out with sometimes.

    Happy WAAD Day, Everyone!

  14. That would be a good idea. What are you thinking? Blog page, or something similar?

  15. Sprite...we should email and work it out. Its only the vaguest of ideas and not sure how to make it work. We could have a co-blog. BTW, I was tucking him in tonight and I was singing "I'll be there" and he told me 'stop singing that song now, it's getting annoying'. Everyone's a critic.. LOL