Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for Gratitude


“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”...Brian Tracey

It isn't my intent to get all serious and preachy on you guys, and I considered a whole host of G words for today's post.  Among the considered nominees....ghost (I'm pretty sure I have a pervy ghost in my new house), gross (my 65lb german shepherd mix has had diarrhea in the house today), gripe (but then who wants to hear me do that?), galleon (there's a new Pirates movie coming out this summer, did you hear?), gastric bypass (weight loss surgery - but really that's nasty and who wants to hear about that?), gleek (that would be what I am because I love Glee!...) you see where this was all going.  Nothing particularly substantial.

I am a firm believer in gratitude.  Being thankful for what we have is the cornerstone of happiness.  Forward thinking is good, but appreciation for what is already in our hands must not be overlooked.  If we cannot appreciate the things in life that we already have and feel positively about them then why should we expect to get more of anything.

I try to list the thinks that I am grateful for every day....okay most days when I remember.  I'm not only grateful for the big things, I try to be grateful for the small stuff as well.  I'm grateful for the home in which I live (possible pervy ghost and all), I'm grateful for my Darling Husband and for my kids (when I don't want to kill them), I'm grateful for the love that I feel every day for multiple sources, I'm grateful when I don't step on a lego or matchbox car on my way to the bathroom in the dark.

So since I'm so grateful for everything that I have in my life already the Universe can hurry on up with giving me more stuff to be grateful for.  I appreciate what I have so naturally I would appreciate more stuff more.  Makes perfect sense.

What are you grateful for?


  1. Grateful is such a great word for the "G" post.

  2. Great G word post. I think gratitude for small things is too often over looked. I try and make time everyday to remember what I am thankful for. Today I am grateful it's Friday, I'm grateful for tea (love it), my family, music and writing (to soothe my bad mood), fuzzy warm socks, my down comforter, my fleece hoodie (Can you tell I'm cold!?), my job in a world where so many people are without one, and for blogging (I'm thankful everyday I found it!). Thanks for letting me take the time to remember all I have to be grateful for today! :-)

  3. We are on the same page. My word today was gratifying. Close, very close. And yesterday mine was frugal too.

    I am grateful my dumpy house. It may be falling apart but it's all mine and it's on 4 acres of land.
    I am also grateful for Honeyman and Kiddo-even if they drive me nuts sometimes. We all have fun together too.

  4. gratitude is a beautiful thing. it makes everything seem brighter & happier.

  5. OT - It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy to have your approval....*grin*

    Jewels - I am often thankful for things like my puffy soft pillows and my down comforter, so I'm totally feeling you there.

    Ruth - I haven't been peeking I promise!! Funny though that we are so similar. Great minds, yes?

    Sherilin - Gratitude is important I try to keep that attitude of gratitude daily, but have to admit that sometimes it gets lost.

  6. If you're going to have a ghost, might as well be a pervy one. I'm grateful for thunderstorms. For some reason, I find them very relaxing.

  7. After all that we have been and still are going through I'm very grateful for this roof over our heads and for my stepson helping us. Also very grateful for my blog family.

  8. Ah my favourite letter (:

  9. Great "G" word - thanks for doing a 'great' post on it too!

    I'm enjoying seeing what you are coming up with for the letters in this challenge!

    Enjoy your Sunday,