Monday, February 14, 2011


Packing is on pause currently.  In fact so is much of everything else aside from my daughter's social life.  Apparently the phenomenon that I spoke of in regard to people suddenly wanting to get together and do stuff with you before you go, extends all the way to elementary school.  

I haz a cold and it is a nasty one.  It has stopped me pretty much dead in my tracks for 3 days now.  My eyes look like they are about to bleed, I have to sleep with my head on a hand towel because of my nose and its ridiculous nocturnal emissions, which is actually sort of impressive because it is completely stuffed up so I have no control of it.  And nothing is working.  Well there's this one thing....

Fun Fact!  Did you know that if you leave turkeys outside in the rain a bunch of them will die because they drown?  That's right, the rain starts and they look up to see where it's coming from and they drown. Okay, that's not really true, Snopes says so.  But its what my grandfather always told me and he was easily the wisest man I knew at the time.  

Anyway, irrigating my sinuses helps, for a while.  You may ask yourself as did desperate does someone have to be for relief if they are willing to do this?  The answer, pretty damn desperate if you are me.  I have friends who swear by neti pots but that was always something that I wasn't too keen on.  

However, the other day, I was in the shower all stuffed up, hoping the steam would loosen some of it up and got this great idea.  I'll irrigate my sinuses right here!!  So I turn my head up toward the shower head (much like the proverbial turkey in the rain)  and deliberately let water go up my nose.  I know, I know....the first couple of times it felt sort of like I was drowning.  There was much sputtering and coughing to the point that a very worried Darling Husband came in and said "what's going on?  are you trying to drown yourself?"  

After I got out of the shower and dressed we had to have a long talk about why I was doing it and that I wasn't trying to do myself in to avoid the move.  The good news is that it works!!  For a while anyway.  Since I can't take numerous showers a day (well I could but that's just getting obsessive) I think I may have to invest in a neti pot so I can kick this cold in the ass and get my life off of pause and back on course.  

Oh, and happy Valentine's day everyone!!!  I hope everyone is feeling the love today!  


  1. i can totally picture darling husband wandering into the bath while you're having a shower trying to irrigate your sinuses and asking that.

    happy vd.

  2. Happy Valentines day! Feel better! I had my cold for two weeks. Just starting to shake it off.

  3. happy Valentine Day!! :)

    ciao ciao from Rome

  4. I've caught my wife doing seemingly strange things for reasons that seemed totally logical to her at the time too. It's all good. Have a Happy Valentines day & I hope you feel better.

  5. I've always heard that about turkeys. They aren't quite that stupid. However they are dumb enough that they can take off in flight but never bothered learning how to land. They do that pretty badly.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. My whole family has been sick, and after helping to take care of a baby this weekend in the hopes that he wouldn't get it, I started coughing this morning. Great! I'm hoping to kick it quickly.

  7. Sounds like you've got it good. I hope you are back on your feet 100% quickly.

  8. Feel better soon. i have a stylish blog award for you at my blog if you care to accept. :)

  9. that nasal douching is the most uncomfortable thing ever but it does help. Ugh...I hate doing it.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Hope you get better soon. Great blog. I'm your newest follower.

  11. Thank you all for your well wished. I'm on the mend and in full on packing fever mode. We're pulling up stakes in one week!!!! I can't believe its already here!!!

    I know that I am the worst blogger ever for not acknowledging each of you individually. Can I get a pass this time if I promise never to do it again?

    Beth, welcome. I'm always glad to see new faces.

    Oh and Jewels "nasal douching".....hahahahahaha

    And Li! Thank you, I'll be around soon to accept!!

  12. I hope you're feeling better by now since I'm three days late. If not, spicy food always works for me.

  13. I hope you are feeling better. Feeling sick AND moving would have to be the worst. Now I must click on "neti Pots" to see what in the world they are! LOL!

  14. my wife swears by netti pots.

    since i am so late in commenting, hopefully you are better!