Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's official!!!!

This is not an advert for Budget, I just thought the tip was funny. 
We have contract in hand, and I told mother.  I’m actually really proud of the way she’s handling it.  It’s no longer a secret that this is going to happen, and it really IS going to happen.  Oh, the unbearable lightness of being!!!!  Someone better tie a string around my ankle to keep me firmly on the ground because I might drift uncontrollably (but very gently) into the stratosphere and hang there for a while.  
I’m not a very good secret keeper.  Well that isn’t strictly true.  I’m fantastic with other people’s secrets.  Because they aren’t mine to tell.  I know where all the bodies are buried and I’m not telling.  It’s keeping my stuff quiet that I have trouble with.  Any time there is something major up with me there may as well be a neon sign over my head that says “ASK ME WHAT”S GOING ON!  PLEASE!”
So, with that off my mind I can turn my attention to packing and working and blogging... 
To comply with the rules of both awards they each require that I tell 7 things about myself and I’m not sure I have 14 interesting things.  So I’m going to cheat and tell you 7 things total and pass them along.  Because we have a fairly incestuous close knit blog community, most of those that I would normally award to have already been a recipient.  So I’m going to have to work harder to find new blogs to bestow these awards upon.  Isn’t there a loophole that we found to giving awards back to those who gave them to you?  Hmmmm...
Okay my 7 things:
1- I can never buy big bottles of shampoo or conditioner because way before I get to the end of them I determine that I don’t like the way they smell anymore and must have something different.  
2 - I am a sniffer.  I sniff candles, potpourri, deodorant, fabric softener, detergent and hair care products.  If it is for sale and has a fragrance I will sniff.  In fact, I have this one awesome friend who has no sense of smell and I’m all the time forgetting about it so I’ll smell and hand it to her so she can smell.  She is so funny that she just sniffs and pretends she smells it too.  
3- Because I work from home, some days I don’t get a shower until up in the afternoon and some days it just doesn’t happen at all. 

4- I don’t like to mate socks.  So much so that I will do several loads of laundry and leave the clean socks in the basket until one of the children tells me they are out of socks which then guilts me into action. 
5- Cold water rinse for extra shine - you know the direction on some conditioner bottles - is seriously overrated especially in the wintertime.  Just sayin’. 
6- I used to be able to apply lipstick with my cleavage like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club. 
Okay, so I’m seriously cheating but I can’t think of anything else even remotely interesting about me that you all don’t already know.  

Just one more thing before I start giving away awards.....

Thank you again to Bruce from Bruce Johnson JADIP , you can also find him at DreamodelingStupid Stuff I See and Hear and the guy book .  Please go by and check him out at one or all of his blogs.  They are funny and sure to delight. 

Also to Mrs. Hyde at A Bitch Called Mom  and The Well Fed Spirit, the blogs are quite different but both completely worthy of a look.  

So, without further ado....

The LOL award goes to....

Sherrilyn R at Laughing my abs off
Andie Goddess of Pickles at Inspriation Strikes. In the Kneecaps.
Vinnie at As Vinny C's it
Melanie at One Hot Mess
Nicole  at NinjaMOM
Sam at Rot du Jour

All of these are definitely worth a look, follow, etc.

The Stylish Blog Award shall be forwarded to the following:
Mad Housewife at Confessions of a Mad Housewife - she's brand new but I'm expecting really great things from her so go check her out.
The Chunky Mama at Chunk and theGang
NJ at Fourth Grade Nothing

Okay,  I probably haven't fulfilled all the rules but fuck the rules.  I'm good with it.  I have to go to bed now because I'm typing with one eye shut.  I'll notify the winners in the morning.

Love yous guys!


  1. Good luck with your move to Idaho (I think that's what I read in your previous posts. I'm playing catch-up with my reading - I've been away for a bit)

    About your "7 things" - I laughed at #4.

    I'm the opposite about mating my socks. I have a little box with safety pins right by my laundry basket and I pin them together before I toss them in the basket!

    I just finally got sick and tired of trying to figure out which socks went together! I was going through too many beers in the process!!

    Anyway - I hope you and your family have a safe and easy move! (not that moving is ever easy)

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. Congrats on the award and good luck with the move. Moving is such a pain but feels so good when you're done.

  3. WTG on getting this award! You deserve it!

  4. Seriously, pairing up socks is the worst. My strategy is to have only one kind of sock, so that no matter what, any one can go with any other one.


  5. Congrats on everything. Great post. Good luck with the move.

  6. well thank you! i appreciate the award. and good luck with the moving!

  7. Applying lipstick with your cleavage is a pretty impressive skill. I'll have to try that.

    Happy that you mind is now at ease. xoxo

    a bitch called mom
    the well fed spirit

  8. #5. i cold water wash AND rinse to keep my color vibrant. it keeps the cuticles closed and the color in. and it FUCKING SUCKS in the winter.

  9. Congrats & thank you.

    Re: Mating socks - I also hate doing it. You never know if they'll take to each other. And, if they do, you have to keep track of all those booties. Too much work, in my book.

  10. That advert is pretty freakin funny. I actually snickered a little here at the school's lab.

  11. Congrats on the award. I too, am a sniffer. I never mate socks, that's what children are for. Strangely I also despise dealing with the silverware, whether washing or putting away. Dishes are fine, just not silverware. It's too damn tedious.

  12. Hmmmm....Mad Housewife you sound like someone I might know....LOL

    Jenny - the safety pinning socks prior to putting them in the wash is an excellent idea, but it requires a whole different type of dedication to the job than I have.

    Christopher - thank you for your well wishes we're really looking forward to this new segment in our lives.

    Thank you Kara!

    Thank you restaurant manager. I'm watching your blog even if I don't always stop to comment. I spent too many years in food service to ignore it. It's like retail, either you love it or you hate it but it always stays in your blood.

    Kev - your theory is well reasoned, sir. Problem being in my house there are 5 different people, hence at least 5 different kinds of socks.

    Bouncin' Barb - Thank you for your graciousness as always.

    Mrs Hyde - I tried to find a you tube of just that scene from the Breakfast Club for those who aren't familiar. it's sort of a scam. Once you learn to do it you will always be able to get free drinks anywhere you go. Trust me on that.

    Becca - you sweet potato! Thank you.

    So Steph you are suggesting that if I actually did wash and rinse in cold water *shudder* my color would last longer? You're a better woman than I considering that I do all my washing and conditioning in the shower. Not sure I'm interested in getting *THAT* cold. LOL

    Vinny - you're absolutely right as usual. Mating socks is nearly as barbaric as arranged marriages.

    I'm glad you appreciated the humor. We've actually rented a Penske truck although I'm not adverting for them either.

    JM - I love you to bits and pieces! Thank you!

    Nari - Sniffers of the world unite!!!! If I could train my children to mate socks properly I would never do it again. But those mornings when the 6 year old comes to me with a too big sock and a too small sock are waaaayyy to stressful. I think that I will continue to just leave the socks, unmated in the clean clothes basket and pair them up as necessary to wear them. Makes Darling Husband crazy when I do that.

  13. Thanks so much for the award! Your blog looks so interesting and you are so funny...I will definitely have to spend some time around. I kind of suck as a bloggy friend since I started school in Aug..I only get by once or twice a month.
    P.S.- I HATE (hate) to mate socks. We have the same basket of socks only my kids are older so they can dig their own socks out when they need them. If they want them in the dresser they can mate them themselves >:)

  14. Thanks for the award! I FINALLY got my post up about it with the link back to you. :)
    Here it is:
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Thanks for the award :)
    It's been posted and we are linked!
    Take Care~

  16. Thanks for the award, sorry I'm just getting around to this now :-P

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