Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, Hello

Friends, I have to admit that between my lovely cold and being buried with work (not sure if I mentioned it, but I manage a group that works chat for a leading online retailer) being that whole holiday season and all my blog has been being neglected. To help me liven things up, I invited sweet Mynx-y over for a spot of tea or maybe some sour apple martinis and told her to make herself at home.  Indeed she did, she came in, propped her feet on my table, raided my pantry, and together we emptied the liquor cabinet.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  In fact, she made herself so comfortable that she has taken over my blog for now.  Without further ado, I present to you the lovable, wonderful, adorable Mynx

Oh hello, did you pop in expecting to see Torystellar?  She is ..ummm a little, shall we say, tied up at the moment.  
(stop grumbling Tory, you know you should have put the handcuffs away before inviting me over.)
You see she is...umm..very busy with ...umm... work, that’s it. 
(Tory, ssshhh, you don’t want me to have to use the crop now, do you?)
Who am I?  Oh sorry, I am Mynx.   A “friend” of Torystellar, you could say.  Yes a fellow blogger.  I just popped in to see if I could ..ummm her, that’s it,  with a new post as she has been a bit quiet lately.
Have you heard about the idea I had the other day?  To challenge other bloggers into guesting for me by suggesting an opening line and letting them come up with a post.  
(still waiting for yours by the way Tory, ok, I know it is a bit tricky at the moment, but later, when I find the key)
The opening line of what I am calling “The Sunshine Project.” is “The sun was just peeking through the curtains as..”
So far no one has twigged that I am making everybody else do all the work and just sitting back sipping wine and being lazy hehe.
What? You want to know what I would write.  
Really?  Oh that wasn’t the plan.  The plan was to...oh never mind.  Ok well here goes.  
The sun was just peeking through the shutters (my idea, I can change it if I want) as I slipped out of bed.  The room was quiet with only the soft snoring of my husband breaking the stillness.
Slipping my nightgown off over my head, I quickly grabbed a pair of knickers and my new sarong.  A glorious length of soft fabric with large purple hibiscus printed on it, I had fallen in love with it the moment I saw it in the village.  Knotting it securely across my chest, I moved quietly to the door and opening it, I stepped out into the early morning light.
The air was fresh and clean.  The smell of the ocean, filling my nostrils and I found myself drawn across the still slightly damp lawn towards the beach.
My bare feet sunk into the soft dry white sand as I walked towards the water’s edge.  
The night tide had washed all sign of the hundreds of footprints that had churned the sand the day before.  Like a fresh canvas, it stretched before me, leaving me feeling slightly guilty to mark the perfection with my disrespectful imprint.
A sudden splash had me looking towards the almost impossible blue of the lagoon.  And again as small fish broke the surface, hunting almost invisible insects that flew just above.  
Standing quietly, absorbing the beauty of the scene before me, I felt in awe of the magnificence of this tropical paradise.  
Too busy before to just stop and breathe, the excitement of activities and the large numbers of others sharing the beach creating a different world.
A large sea bird flying overhead caught my eye, and I watched until I could no longer see it, wondering where it was destined.
Continuing my walk, I stopped and watched small crabs scuttle in my path, my movement startling them into a dash for safety.
A small pink shell caught my eye, then a white one, but I left them where they lay.  Too many collected shells lay forgotten in a box.  These must remain on the beach.
Lost in my daydreams, I continued my walk.  Warm water lapped at my toes as I drifted closer to the blue.  
The sounds of morning and a world awakening.  
Bird song and a child’s voice, excited and pleading.  The response of a parent not quite awake.
Lifting my face to the morning sun, I stop.  Breathe. And smile.
“Bula” a smiling voice behind me
“Bula and good morning to you, it is a beautiful day”
See how she is?  A few too many drinks and you wake up handcuffed to your headboard.  At least she didn't use the ball gag, or duct tape.  In all honesty it was completely my honor and pleasure to have her over and she is welcome back any time.  

And yes, I'll start thinking about the Sunshine Project Mynx.  I'm on it.  No really, I am.  Wonder how I can work sunshine into cybershopping, the Christmas season and online chatting seeing as that is ALL I'm doing this days it seems....*An idea is starting to form, let's see if I can shape it into something worthwhile*

Oh, and just because I feel like I need to do so, I'm going to pimp one of my other friend's blogs because I think she needs some blog lovin' and I haven't been the fortunate recipient of an award lately to give her.  Ladies and gents, friends and gentlepeople, if you haven't visited Mrs Hyde at The Well-fed Spirit and A Bitch Called Mom you are missing out.  This woman is a walking contradiction. It's nearly impossible to believe that both blogs are written by the same woman except for the fact that whichever one you are reading the wit is unmistakable.  Pop over and give her a read.  I'm sure that between the two you'll find something you like.  


  1. Job well done Mynx! Nicely written and wishing I were there with my toes in the sand!

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog- I like your site too! everyone could use a few more rants in their day :) And my "follow" widget is waaaay at the bottom of the page, rendering it nearly impossible to find I guess

  3. loved the blog. I wouldn't mind being tied up if somebody wanted to take over for me right now. haha. I want to be wherever "she" was...a nice white sand beach sounds perfect. I'm freezing my buns off up here in North East, PA.

  4. Any images of sandy beaches are welcome right now as Snow-mageedon 2010 is kicking out butts in MN right now. Great job!


  5. Two women, large quantities of liquor, handcuffs? Reminds me of the good old days. Yep, I had some wild dreams back then. They just never seemed to last that long.

  6. great post! i want an ocean fix now, but i am just getting ready to prepp the fishin boat for the nine months of winter here...

    and i agree with ib, the good old days!!!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    The guy book
    the guy book

  7. That was awesome Mynx. Torystellar I understand about the busy time at work. When it calms down I can't wait to read more of your blog since I only recently found you. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Thanks everybdy for the great comments.
    It was actually the last day of a family holiday on Plantation Island Fiji which we took a couple of years go.
    Thank you Tory for letting me crash your blog. It was heaps of fun. We shall have to do it again sometime

  9. I'm so upset that you two had a party and forgot to invite me. Loving the blog love, though! Thanks, honey! xo

  10. tee hee...this is so fun. I feel like I just happened upon 2 gals sipping drinks in a pub. Very well done!!