Friday, February 25, 2011

2 Days on the Road

Two days on the road has landed us in Kansas City.  But I'm about to get ahead of myself. 

We had a couple of guys from church come to help us load the truck.  I found out that I was not nearly so ready to go as I had thought.  Go figure.  We left a ton of shit behind.  By the time the truck and additional trailer were full as well as the minivan packed to the gills I figured if we still didn't have room for it I didn't reallly need it. 

We had clothes, bedding, flat screen tv, computers and my vibrator (which I nearly forgot because it was stashed under the bed when the church guys showed up and started dismanting everything.  I ended up tossing it in one of the tables we ended up leaving.  I remembered though.  It's important to have priorities). There really isn't anything else is there? 

So lots of things have happened and I've classified them into weird, wonderful and completely craptastic.

Things have I have seen that have struck me as weird.  The Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee.  I'm sure that it's a lovely place and there is likely a cool story attached to why it was so named, but really? Frozen Head?  I also saw the water tower for 'Metropolis - home of Superman' No lie.  When you are drving its hard to catch a picture but it really is worth a thousand words.

If you look closely they painted his picture and listed him as the claim to fame
I also saw a sign for Bat Cave in NC but the 8 year old assured me that it was not full of computers, the Batmobile and clearly it wasn't a secret location.  Talk about disillusionment.  Then on our way through Missouri, we went past the town of Knob Noster.  Maybe I just have a dirty mind but Darling Husband says he loves the way I noster his knob.  *grin*

Some of the wonderful things involved how much love we got from our church and friends who helped us on our way, the interation of all three of my kids while on the road and the fact that our tax return was direct deposited today. 

Now, down to the parts that were less than stellar. 

We didn't get to depart for our first destination of Nashville until 2pm when we intended to leave before 10am.  Just too much shit, like I said.  So we were after midnight central time getting there.  On the way there my cell phone took a swim in a puddle rendering it defunct.  You see, when the walkie-talkies died we went to cell phones and we were outside of Nashville in the mountains.  In order to make sure I didn't miss a call I had it in my cleavage which 'aint what it used to be since the breast reduction.  We stopped for gas and so the dog could do her thing and it fell into a puddle.  Simple as that.  Serves me right for all those iphone chats that I made fun of when they said they dropped it in the toilet.  Then, while on the mountain, we experienced a micro-burst of rain while right there that drove me to the edge of the road.

Today was mostly really amazing until the end.  I swear we were less than two miles from the hotel (would have been a record arrival at 10:15pm, except that due to traffic I couldn't make the proper exit and Darling Husband had both the paper directions and the tom-tom and was quickly moving out of range of the radios.  He did come back and find us and get us all safely here to the hotel but man that was scary for me.  He's so faithful.  He told me and J that he would always come find us wherever we are. 

That's the journey so far.  More to come I'm sure.


  1. Don't all states have a town with some kind of fictional character claim to fame? Riverside, IA is really proud that Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise comes from there.
    Just so you know Ark. has a town named Bald Knob.
    Glad you are surviving the trip.

  2. Glad you're still in one piece...the phone story made me laugh. I shall use this post as a cautionary tale for my niece, who also tucks her phone and/or cash in her cleavage. "See! We TOLD you it could fall out into a puddle or something." :)

  3. Glad you remembered to pack the important things, tv, phone and vibrator. Some stuff you can do without, some are essential

  4. knob noster! Haaaaa! On the sweet side, that was precious about coming to find you wherever you are. Super nice! The phone thing is aweful.....I would not know what to do...its our everything phone, we stopped paying a home phone bill years ago. If that thing goes we're screwed. Glad you're having safe travels. :)

  5. safe travels!
    i hate moving...
    bummer on the phone.

  6. i was worried about you because i forgot which day you were leaving and i thought it was yesterday and i thought you might have gotten stuck in some of them thar tornadoes in the nashville area and i kept waking up all night thinking about it and i was going to text you this morning but the cats drove me nucking futs and then i read your blog and now i know you're alive and well.

    so, i'm happy about that. ALSO if you have verizon i still haven't donated our old phones, they have no SIM card thingys though so i don't know that they can work with any other provider. because verizon may or may not be run by The Devil and cannot make NORMAL phones that work everywhere.


  7. safe travels and i am going to the corner to pout now that the little one has stole my dream that the bat cave doesn't hold any cool stuff. hugs to all

  8. Looks like you packed all of the essentials.

  9. Stay safe and let us know when you arrive. We don't have to worry, though because DH is on the job.

  10. I was really really hoping you had discovered the real Bat Cave...oh well, at least you know your husband will always come back and find you, no matter what...that's WAY better than Batman.

  11. First, let me apologize to one and all for my delayed responses. We have landed...well sort of. We're in Idaho (and Barb is right, it's so beautiful) but we can't move into our house until tomorrow (that's a whole 'nother blog post soon to come).

    Ruth - Maybe all towns do have a claim to fame. I may have to research that and do a blog post about it in the near future.

    Li - cautionary tale indeed! The phone did dry out and is working again (thank the gods!). And you know, prior to the breast reduction it would have been quite safe and snug in my cleavage but I could have never gotten it dug out in time when I got a call. LOL

    Mynx - It's important to know your priorities. Just wasn't real keen on the fact that I forgot to pack/stash it before the church guys started taking the bed apart. Yikes!!

    Mamma - he is sweet. I can always count on him 100%. I love that name, knob noster.

    Bruce - Thanks for the well wishes. Moving is a bitch. The worst day for me was driving through Nebraska. The tom tom took us on some random state road and I was feeling pretty mutinous about it.

    Steph - you are the sweetest thing to lose sleep worrying about us. But we're good. The micro burst was awful. I was crying and driving on the shoulder of the road on the rumble strips and screaming at DH that I was afraid I was going to drive off the mountain. LOL

    Becca - Just so you know, I pouted for a good while about that too. In fact, he reassured me that there were no superheroes in real life. Little pragmatist.

    OT - coming from you that means the world. *grin*

    Mrs. Hyde - We're here. Mostly. Darling Husband is on the job and we're safe. I just cannot wait to tell y'all what in the world the hold up is.

  12. Nari - I was typing when you were. Didn't mean to not address you. I have to admit as crushed as I was that there was no masked millionaire running around in tights to save the day, I'll take Darling Husband's dedication any day!