Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Laundry List

Hey there guys.  I really should think of a name for you guys.  Would you be 'relatives'?  No too much potential for negative connotation there.  What about 'relaters'?  Huh, huh? Oh hell, I'll add that to the list too.  This blog is me reaching out for help to all of you so the my blog can be better....more awesom'er.

So being relatively new to the blog world there are cool things that I see on other blogs that I want to be able to do on mine.  For example.  I want to be able to put people's blog buttons on my blog and have the go to the proper place.  I've managed photos of my awards but they don't go anywhere.  Should they?  They should right, so that the person who awarded can get proper link-age?

Also I want to make my own cool button and have a link for it too.  How do I do that?  I mean I can probably make my own button but how to I give it a link?

Oh and how do I make those random words come up.  Are those tags or labels that you put on your posts and how many times they've been used?  If so, damn...that's cool.  I should have been labeling all along.

Additionally, how do I make my blog show up as an active link in people's comment's?

What else?  Oh this isn't about me (necessarily) but now is the time to nominate for the bloggy awards.  They are technically the 11th annual weblog awards.  You can nominate me (or yourself or anyone else for that matter).  Personally I think I'm a good fit for the best kept secret blog award, but decide for yourself.  It isn't that big of a deal but we have such a large community and I'm sure that it wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings to be nominated and voted for.   Here's the link just in case Weblog Award Nominations. What?  If I can't shamelessly self promote on my own blog then what's the point really.

If anyone can help me out with any of the questions above, I'd love to hear how to make it happen!  Including what, if anything my followers should be dubbed.

Check you guys soon!  Man, I've missed blogging.


  1. stellars! how bout that?

    i wish i could help you with all those q's, but i am techtarded...

    Corey at wishing my life were a musical…. may be able to help you..

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  2. Can I use you as a refernce Bruce? I appreciate the lead. And I do like you guys being 'stellars'! *big grin*

  3. you sure can!

    stop by and ask him and tell him i sent you!


  4. i read one blogger who calls her bloggy buddies friendishes. that feels right to me.
    i've had some of those same questions myself. i find that you cand find any & all answers through the master that is google.

  5. throw me and email with some questions, i might not be able to answer them all, but I know I can answer most of them for you...


  6. Bruce can help you with linking your blog in the comments, thats how I learn't

    I know that when you put a photo gadget in the side you can add a link at the same time. I did that to make a bloggies link

    Havent tried making buttons but I did find some one who is "on the blog quilt" CBG I think, and if you go there there are instuctions for making a button

    As for random words, i have no idea. Seen a couple of blogs with some advertising thing but honestly i find that a little annoying.


    Secret Pleasures

  7. wish oi could help but i'm usally bugging other people for help

  8. Sent you an email to make it a little easier. Hugs

  9. I am totally clueless on any of it.
    I'd like to know all that stuff too.

  10. Ah ha!!!! I knew there had to be something cool I was missing. Now to pick up all those lovely buttons that I've been wanting all this time.

    Thanks for your help everyone and the email you sweet little Mynx you. I have to work on making my own button. Something that symbolizes me. Maybe a large vodka bottle wearing yoga pants? LOL Or not.

    Bruce, I'm going over to visit Corey now, I just started the comment prematurely and now can't get out of it. Damn, I hate when that happens....

  11. I have no idea how to do anything cool on my blog. I am technologically challenged. I found your blog through http://asvinnycsit.blogspot.com/ and am just happy to know that I am not alone.

  12. I call my peoples glitter-babies, or glitter-darlings, IF i'm feeling nice. Otherwise, I just call them PEOPLE. I figure that pretty much covers all the bases, haha!

    I don't know how to do all that cool stuff either. When you find out, you should email me and tell me! vickilikesfrogs@gmail.com

  13. I want to make a button, too! When you find a link, send it to me please. Bruce helped me with my active link in comments. He sent me the html code, so it's not like I can tell you what he did. As you can see, I'm clueless, too, but if you highlight the picture and click "link", a window will open where you can add a web address to link to the pic. Same thing with blog links within your posts.

    Hope that helps, at least.