Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blog Love for the New Year!

*Whew* How do I manage to forget from year to year how exhausting Christmas is?  Between making my list and checking it twice and then shopping, evaluating, and realizing that we’ve inadvertently gotten more stuff for one child than the other two....*sigh*
In the midst of working this week helping those who received their electronics device for Christmas but can seem to figure out how to work it, get to the proper place (we are NOT tech support flucktards!  Obviously I don’t say it like that.) I have managed to reclaim my house from the encroaching and overly cheery Christmas decorations, made hard candy and lip balm - but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post - so far have managed to not kill my children, and finally sit down to blog.  
Not that it matters to you guys whether I post or not, but I feel a wee bit guilty when I don’t.  Yes, I’m really that self-centered.  In the back of my mind I’m sure that you are all waiting with bated breath to see what I have to say next.  What golden morsel of blog wisdom or wit I will be sharing with you.    Because I’m so full of awesome, all that and a bag o’chips, right?  Yeah, I know, but don’t burden yourself with the need to disillusion me.  
Bruce over at Bruce Johnson JADIP (by the way took me forever to realize what the JADIP was)  gave me the sweetest award.  No really, that’s what it says.  Thank you, thank you thank you.  Like you, I may have to start smoking again due to the stress of only being able to choose 3 people to pass it on to.  By the way people, if you haven’t checked out Bruce or his Evil Twin do’s okay, we’ll wait.  

Okay, now that everyone is back with us.  I’ll list my guilty pleasures.  I don’t follow directions well, how many am I listing?  Five, I think.  I’ll figure out who I’m giving my award to while I’m making my list.  
  1. The Twilight Saga - yes, I realize that I just ruined my credibility as a grown up with that one statement, but what can I say?  I’m a sucker for a supernatural love story involving vampires and werewolves.  
  2. Showtunes - when I’m working my cyber mojo I listen to my Les Miserables station on Pandora.  It plays songs from other musicals too, like Chicago, Rocky Horror, Hairspray and Avenue Q.  
  3. Yoga pants - I love yoga pants.  I got my first pair only recently and they are nothing short of cotton/spandex awesomeness.  I love the way they feel on my bottom oh, and TMI alert, I don’t wear them with underwear either.  
  4. Vodka - I know that I have oft spoken of my love for Vodka but it’s a guilty pleasure.  When the work day is done and the kids are in bed, I sit down with a vodkatini and unwind.  I swear it isn’t as refined as it may sound.  I like vodka and green olives although most often I drink cheaper vodka with Crystal Light.  
  5. Supernatural, Vampire Diaries (see #1), Hellcats, Glee and a handful of ‘reality tv’ shows - I feel like pretty much my entire TV lineup during the regular and now summer season is a guilty pleasure.  Not only because I secretly believe that I must be the only person who watches so they are keeping (fill in the blank show) on just for me (see self-centered comment earlier in the post), but because in the back of my mind I’m sure there is something more useful that I should be doing.  
Now on to my award winners... there are so many blogs that I love and I want to not give this award to someone who already has it.  
As Vinny C's it - he has a blog that is really irresistable to me.  I check in often even if I have technical issues leaving a comment sometimes. 
It's never to late to save a hopeless case because I just love Steph and her randomness/craziness.  
and finally Dad over at Unsound Reasoning because he’s just a laugh, regardless of what he thinks of Idaho.  
For those who didn’t get awards, I’m sorry it’s so hard when you can only choose three!!!  Please , winners keep spreading the love around!!!!  


  1. I missed hearing from you. Congrats on the award and congrats to the winners. Glad you survived Christmas and after tomorrow we can breathe again for awhile. Happy New Year and let's hope it starts off great.

  2. congrats to everyone that won! I don't feel bad, you have given me 2 out of my 3 awards already, so i know you love me :)

    BTW. I have never triend crystal light with vodka, ok i have to head to the kitchen now!

  3. Nice! We literally have the same post today. Get outta my head! :)


  4. awesome! glad you are back...and yes we (I) (and thanks for the kind words!!) do miss you when you are gone.

    the world is much smaller than it used to be and our idea of friends is much different that it used to be.

    in bloggering, we get a glimpse of others but can keep a safe distance, which makes it easier to add these new friends to the already busy lives we all lead.

    at least that is my take...

    congrats!!you do deserve it!!
    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  5. Congrats on the award! And Happy New Year!

  6. I am so excited to see that you got "The Pav". Very much deserved Tory.
    And yes I have missed you, heaps. So good to see you on my reading list again

  7. First, let me say congrats on the award.

    Second, of course it matters whether or not you post! Don't say such things.

    Lastly, thanks so much. I'll be sharing my deep dark secrets soon.

    Happy New Year!

  8. I LOVE reading your posts and I'm not blowing smoke up your ass! So glad to have you back. I've been kinda off and on myself these past few weeks. Congrats on the award! Well deserved! I, too, am a big fan of yoga pants and vodka, not necessarily in that order.

  9. Yay Tory...congrats for the award!!! I'll admit it before JM tells on me...I read and loved all the Twilight series...and I'm so old I fart dust!

    Thank you so much for honoring me with the award...despite my feelings on Idaho ;-)

  10. just found your blog and love it

  11. Congratulation on your award. Well done! And kudos to the bloggers that you awarded as well.

    Happy New Year!

  12. I had a nice reply to each of you yesterday but then blogger ate it. So I'll try again.

    Barb! Happy New Year to you too. The kids are back in school today and all is right with the world.

    Oilfield Trash if I'd had one more person to grant it to you would have gotten my award also. I should probably see if I can get a rule waiver from the awards creator (Mynx).

    Amber, you know I love you. Even if I don't always comment, I'm always reading. I usually make a gallon of Crystal light at a time b/c the rest of the fam just drinks it. I mix fruit punch and lemonade.

    Hed, I had to go check your post for that day! Funny!! Congratulations on your award too!!! Well deserved

    Bruce, I think you (y'all) are onto something with that theory. There are many blogs that I follow just because I think the people writing them are cool and the type of folks I'd want to sit down with in my yoga pants and have a vodka drink with. You included. Thanks again for the award.

    Meri - thank you! And Happy New Year to you also!!!

    Mynx - You are precious and awesome!!! I'm looking forward to spending a bit more time in the blogsphere (wonder when they'll officially add that word to the dictionary?).

    Vinny, you deserve it. More often than not your posts make me giggle and like so many others you encourage me to look for the funny in all of the strangest situations.

    Mrs. Hyde, you know I love you and think you are hot shit. But the fact is someone beat me to giving you this award. You are one of those aforementioned that I would love to sit and drink with you while wearing yoga pants. LOL

    Dad - You go, putting yourself out there to ruin your credibility as an adult with me!!!! Yay!!

    Becca - it always makes me happy to find that I have new people tagging along for the twisted journey that is my mind.

    Emps!!!!! Thank you and Happy new year to you also!!!