Sunday, April 10, 2011

H is for Happy Hooters

Awesaome award that I have been coveting for.......a while now, bestowed by Mrs. Hyde over at A Bitch Called Mom
Sorry I didn't get my H done yesterday but I think I can still get through the alphabet this month.  I did't want to waste such a suitable letter.  Who knows how long I'd be waiting to gloat about my newest highly coveted award, every day trying to force something that would fit properly.  It would have been a nightmare.  Blogs are like jigsaw puzzles.  Each post has to just fit.  No forcing it will do.

The reason for the delay is because I was working to find some suitable pictures because I have been waiting to flash my breasts since Mynx showed hers.  Such a naughty girl!! But I do love her!!!  I'm digressing again....sorry.  You see I have some fantastic pics of the girls pushed up and hung out there like condos for rent however, they have gone missing from all of our computers, if you can believe it.  

I did manage to scrape up a couple though they really don't do them justice in my opinion.  I'm going to go ahead and post them and when I locate the others I'll have to come up with a reason for gratuitous boobage so I can show you how great they really are were.  

I had a breast reduction in 2004 and they are now perky and my nips face forward to meet the day every day, which I love.  They are still a perfectly healthy D cup, but nothing like the knockers that I was carrying around before.  Hmmm...maybe I can find them in time for K day.  heeheehee

So here goes.  

And I did mention in one of my early posts that I was a stripper so no judgement on this next one...

Yep, I was pretty much shameless

As for passing it on to other boobylicious bloggers (thanks for that phrase Mrs. Hyde).  Same disclaimer, if I award you and you already have it deal with it.  The award dictates that you post a pic of your rack so....we're all waiting.  *grin*

SSW - Anonymous Perils of a Single Southern Woman - Assuming she ever comes back on the radar. 
and finally...

Now my hooters are happy and my ego fed.  Happy hooters all the way round!!!  Thanks again to Mrs Hyde for being my friend, being a fantastic blogger and being so fucking awesome.  


  1. Ooohhhhhh LaLa!!

    Curvilicious!! Congrats on the booby prize (so to speak)

  2. wow, a reduction & still a D? that's a big rack you had there!

  3. Congrats on the award.

    And I love the curvy picture you chose to show. Hotness!!!!

  4. you are gorgeous and I love that you linked to my boobie shot hehe.
    This is such a fun award and the boys are loving it

  5. LOL--Loved how you used the "H." Congrats on the award, and gorgeous pics, too!

  6. Oh my goodness-you are stunning! I can't believe that this award has come to be 5 times. I already posted my boobies once--I suppose I have to do it 4 more times now! hahaha. Thank you so much. I do so love my rack! I suppose my readers deserve at least one more shot.

  7. Hot Thang! I somehow deleted mine trying to move them over to another page! I'm such a blonde.

    Congrats!! Totally nice rack!!

  8. Congrats on the award. As the pictures show, it is well-deserved.

    Now, if you don't mind, I'll be down on the floor, picking up my jaw.

  9. Congrats on being "racked" - such a deserving award!


  10. Sexy lady! Great pics. It was a fun award to post about. The men are still drooling I"m sure. Hugs.

  11. damn yo! thanks for the blog and boob love. now i'll have to scour my hard drives looking for an appropriate pic of my BEWBZ.

    actually, shouldn't be hard to find one. it may be hard deciding which to post.

  12. First let me apologize to any boobalicious and bodacious bloggers out there that I didn't pass it on to. Some of you I don't know that well so i didn't know if you would appreciate it or see the humor in it and I certainly didn't want to offend!!

    Absolutely!!! You bet! It's a booby prize and I love it. Thanks

    Sherillyn - those were pre-op pics. My post op cleavage is still pretty nice, but definitely not blog-worthy. *grin*

    OT - you charmer you. I do have a confession, that isn't how I look today, but once upon a time....

    Mynx - that first boobie shot of yours made me all like "damn, why don't I have a good reason to post my boobies....LOLOLOL"

    Frisky - Thank you for the wonderful compliment.

    Jewels, I can't possibly keep up with who has it already. Sorry to hit you again, but hell, more boobie pics are always better, right?

    Mamma - You better find those puppies and I mean STAT!! LOL

    Lost - Thank you for the contratulations! Hope your jaw got reattached. I suppose that I should have posted a warning label. Something about jaws spontaneously unhinging?

    Jenny!!! I think I have an award left to give. Are you feeling the need to be 'racked'?

    Barb, you know you were one of the first that I thought of and of course you'd already been bewb'd soooooooo.....I agree, this was a fun one.

    Steph - I def expect to see your bewbalicious pics. I mean one with the super push up bra and all. Yes, I have definite expectations of you. Or maybe even a swimsuit photo....

    I somehow got these out of order and may have missed responding to someone. If so, didn't mean it. I'm sorry!!!

  13. Hooters are great lol
    very cool post - and great pics ;)

  14. You're too sweet for thinking of me - I received this award from Mynx, recently.
    But you made my day for asking...Hugs to you!

    I am putting together a special post - which I will feature after this (way too time consuming) A-Z challenge is over. It will be nice to get back to normal!


  15. i donna know how the f*ckityf*ckF*ck my comment never made it here, but it shoulda...


    as i say to all my rackers You RACK!

    i love boob week...but i think we are gonna make it boob month, or year...

    better yet decade

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