Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for 'The B Book'

For anyone who remembers reading 'The B Book' as a child here is a grown up version....

Beautiful babe.
Beautiful blonde babe.
Beautiful blonde Brazilian babe.
Beautiful blonde Brazilian babe bitching, babbling baffily in a bar.
Beautiful blonde barters with bartender.
Beautiful blonde barters blowjobs for buttery ball bearings.
Bashful bartender bristles at beautiful blondes brash behavior.
Beautiful blond bares bombastic breasts by bashful bartender.
Bashful bartender's blue balls bequest banging blonde.
Both buzzed, beautiful blonde and bashful bartender bike to bartender's bedroom.
Bartender's brutish boner begins to blow as beautiful blonde bounces backwards on it begging for better bliss.
Both blast ballistically.
Breathing badly bastard bartender banishes beautiful blonde.
Bathed in boysenberry, blonde borrows biscotti, bids buff bartender bumping buddy bye.

I do hope that fills the B requirement....what say you, my sweet 'stellars'?


  1. I love the B book! My kids love going 'awwwww' when baby bird's balloon dies.

  2. I now see "B" in a whole new light!

    What will happen to poor little "c" - dare I even imagine!!!

  3. Ruth - thank you for that!!! looking back at it now, I feel like I should have done a rough draft and waited because so many other excellent b words have occurred to me since then.

    Lost- this is def. not your kids' B book...LOL

    OT - I alway appreciate your approval!!!

    Alex - so good to see you! I just started following you!! So glad you came by.

    G - see, now there's a B word that I could have used....should have waited....I may have to edit...or maybe add....

    Bruce - You're a B I should have featured you!!! Dangitall....

    Pearson - I'm pretty sure that I can't do this for every day...Although it might be fun to try....

  4. This is one alphabet post that I will come bck for more. wonderful my darling lady

  5. I adore a Christian who remains human.

    Fantabulous blog to follow. Thanx